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An illuminated fascia twice the height of the one next to it??

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I've emailed planning about this too, hopefully others will do the same. It does seem they've changed the fromnt slighly:


to add insult to injury they don't even know how to spell Crouch End

That's true, I did not even notice. Hahaha! Idiots.

I for one would be quite happy to see a quality kebab shop opening here in Crouch End, the equal of the best on Green Lanes with proper lamb doner or a real charcoal grill and not the usual frozen minced dreck.  It is unfortunate that the garish frontage doesn't bode well but at least those photos didn't last long.

Hear hear. When I saw it was going to be called 'Charcoal Grill' I was hoping it would be a branch of that restaurant up in Wood Green, up towards Morrisons: a brilliant cheap and bustling place with great kebabs. It's always heaving with people. I used to like Nivan, further up on the same side of the road but that's gone now.

I'd have no objection to a quality kebab shop either. 

The sign is a bit unfortunate but before they're dismissed as "idiots" perhaps someone should just have a friendly word?  They are after all just trying to start a business. 

A new turkish shop opened up near me and as I work in marketing and business development, I had a chat with the new owner when they opened and asked what they were planning to do with the place as the shop that had been there before was dire. 

They said they were going to put lots of phone card signs up and fluorescent special offer signs on all their outside produce (just like every shop on Green Lanes).  I pointed out that with signs on everything, it ceases to be a special offer and just looks a bit bargain basement.  He totally took on board my opinion and the shop is unadorned with endless signs and offers - it's just a really well-stocked and useful convenience store and well used by the locals.   

I think anyone who puts a sign up and does not manage to spell the name of where their business is based is a bit of an idiot, quite frankly. My field is marketing and PR, and this is a really stupid mistake, showing you're either very slap dash or pretty incompetent. I also think the garish shop front is pretty undesirable. Having lived on the Ladder for years, I have absolutely no desire to have Crouch End look anything like Green Lanes. And if I never smell a kebab again it will be too soon, quite frankly. Not a welcome addition as far as I'm concerned. they've done everyting possible to get this wrong already, so can't see them lasting very long. Yay!

I too am sorry Nivan closed and miss the other reasonable Turkish restaurant Olive Tree; Turkish cuisine is cited as one of the top 4 in the world using fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit-see Turkish Cookery which I edited. It was published by Saqi and is beautifully illustrated with contributions from top British and Turkish cooks and culinary writers and was produced to raise money to help further education for children whose parents were killed in the last earthquake. Sally Mustoe

Haringey's planning department have had the height reduced, and the illumination will also be removed


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