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An illuminated fascia twice the height of the one next to it??

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Christ on a bicycle. 

Hate to think how DP Cameron Solicitors feel - being stuck in the middle like that, imagine the smells that are going to be wafting in!  The sign is an abomination!

An email from Hanringey's planning department

Dear Cllr Winskill,


Advertisement consent for an externally illuminated sign was granted in 2005. However the photos on the link shows what appears to be an internally illuminated sign being put up for which ad consent would be required.


There is no planning enforcement case. I will ask for a case to be opened on this address.


In future please use the following email address: planning.enforcement@haringey.gov.uk


I hope this is of assistance


Yours Sincerely,



Myles Joyce Team Leader

Planning Enforcement and Appeals

6th Floor River Park House

225 High Road

London N22 8HQ

Jesus! It's like being on Green Lanes, and that's not a look I find attractive. I will send off an email to planning, this has to go. Shame we a getting this horrible kebab shop in the first place. Yuck.

There was a kebab shop on the other side of the road until a little while ago - I guess it did not take enough money. Perhaps that will see this one off too.

Here's to hoping.

Anette, they're following you!

Wow, someone else posts on this site!
I bloody hope not, I need a baklava and kebab free zone..

That's just a mistake, Anette. My life would no longer be complete without Lamachun and Fistikli Nadir Dolama.

We are very different people. :)

When you guys coming over again for another get together? I enjoyed the last.


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