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Superdrug opens this week in Crouch End we hear. 

For myself I'm not keen on Superdrug and the like, and it seems many Crouch Enders share a preference for independent shops, rather than chain stores.

To add to my built in prejudice against Superdrug,  the planning application they have submitted for this new shop front has been an abomination. It started with no documents at all, and when some were finally supplied, they were for a branch in Bournemouth! Eventually the CE application went in. The application still has not been approved, yet Superdrug have installed the shop front already. It looks quite unlike what they applied for. I won't be shopping there anyway. I hope Haringey slap their wrists and demand a look more in keeping with the rest of the building.

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Their application hasn't been approved yet?? I'm confused - how have they been allowed to start building works? For gods sake, we have the laziest council ever. I know I keep saying this, but our Planning Department is the worst - they simply don't care about anything. 

I'm not a fan of Superdrug and I don't plan on shopping there. I get all my toiletries at Boots or the Coop and my cosmetics at Petter.  I personally don't see the need for a Superdrug in the area - I wonder who they plan on appealing to?

To be fair to the planning department, they cannot be present at every site to prevent work beginning. Middey's is another example - not the planning department's fault, they did what they must, once informed. It is Superdrug who here have treated the process with disdain - unless, the extra glazing bar in the left hand window represents a compromise with planning over the look of the shop, reached during negotiations not made visible to us. I'd still prefer a proper apothecary.

I really wish the council would crack down on this type of behavior, for example by introducing fines of tens of thousands of pounds. Quite honestly, I was pleasantly surprised the Planning Department took the Middey's issue so seriously.


I'm sorry Adrian I don't buy that. Both Middeys and Superdrug are in central Crouch End and within the conservation area. The planning department is basically inept, and what Superdrug have done will be allowed to stand. Lets not forget that this is the department that granted permission at 3 Francis Place for a basement conversion and were then prepared to let the owner use the Parkland Walk as an access point for a 60 week construction management plan despite covenants on land restricting development. It was only through people like the Friends of Parkland, Highgate ward councillors and intense lobbying from local residents that got these crazy decsions were overturned.

I very much approve of Ella's fines suggestion; I'm sure such a scheme would help fill the Councils meagre coffers!

Marco - I agree, they are beyond useless. My neighbor did a basement conversion causing  thousands of pounds worth of damage to neighboring homes. The Planning Department were completely uninterested, and basically told us that it had nothing to do with them and to just sue our neighbor. They are disgraceful.

Superdrug have been given permission for "retention of existing shop front" which is not what they have done.

Superdrug is owned by AS Watson which is owned by CK Hutchison Holdings, the holding company of Hong Kong Tycoon Li Ka-shing. I wonder if Hong Kong tycoon ownership could become a theme in Crouch End?

interested in more than just the purchase of aspirin and shampoo, you mean?

agree, completely out of character, at a very highly visible point in Crouch End as most people enter the Broadway. 

Can someone tell me how something can be constructed without planning agreed prior. Still smarting from hearing that Barclays destroyed the gas demonstration 'theatre' on the first floor many years ago and then presented the cheque for the damage the next day. 

Have tried to shop in Superdrug but came having lost the will to live.  No life or inspiration inside or need for this shop.  I for one will not be shopping there.  

 . . . .how something can be constructed without planning agreed prior? - Easy - just do it, and apply for permission retrospectively - if anybody bothers challenging you. This was the Middeys approach. Or , conduct private negotiations with the planning department, making it up as you go along, and then change the application to match what you agreed - the Superdrug approach. 

There are now three of us (me, Amanda and Ella B) not shopping in Superdrug. The boycott is almost complete. Li Ka-shing probably doesn't care - he can sit out our feeble protests until our grandchildren start shopping there.

I am in the boycott too. Those annoying pink flags cause an obstruction on the pavement. That and the fact that Superdrug doesn't sell anything I would ever want to buy. 

I too am disappointed at the arrival of Superdrug in Crouch End. Small businesses such as the excellent Petters, Amy Pharmacy and others struggle with the high rents and business rates they have to pay, without the arrival of yet more chain stores in the area.  Boots has been in the area for many many years. There is absolutely no need for another pharmacy in the area, particular one which could impede on the small businesses already operating in the area. I have noticed a couple of the charity shops on Tottenham Lane selling cosmetic ranges such as nail polish (all brand new). Charity shops are not supposed to sell anything new, for that reason they are excluded from paying business rates, maybe the Council should look in to that. 


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