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I've seen quite a few disparaging remarks on Twitter re. Subway opening in Crouch End but, from looking online, only 5 people opposed theopening.


I agree that it's not nice to have another chain in Crouch End, but surely a Subway is better than another estate agent, payday loan shop or an empty, rotting unit (just look at the eyesore that is Bouga)


Also, is there any truth in the rumours that Nandos will be opening in what used to be Pizza Bella? I can't find anything official.


Finally, does anyone know what's opening the shop next to the butchers on Park Road? Renovations been going on a while now...


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I totally agree.  Anything in reason is better than open derelict looking shops!

I've never been in a Nando's, but all the same I have developed a prejudice against them, the same prejudice that leads me to prefer to buy from the local corner shop rather than a supermarket, or from a street vendor rather WH Smith. Maybe renamed N'artisando's it might do better, round here.

There is quite a bit of theory (mainly unscientific) that the quality of a nearby shopping centre affects property prices. For instance this piece in the Telegraph at point 13 suggests that the presence of a Waitrose means an area has up and come. I've heard the same thing said about Costa and Starbuck's. Paved with Gold suggests that aside from the shops if a shopping centre is 'nice' (there is a definition in the article) then the area around will be popular.

I don't think Subway adds to the quality of Crouch End's shopping centre. It's possible to buy bread rolls/baguettes at dozens of places nearby, and the filling for them for a diy subway, and loads of places do filled rolls and sandwiches, better, if not more cheaply, than Subway. So I reckon it does harm to the area I want to live in. Empty units could conceivably do good - surely there comes a point when a landlord will accept a realistic rent on a property rather than have it stand empty. If this makes property affordable to the sort of small enterprise, like Muddy Boots, or a butcher or a fishmonger, or Real, that we claim to admire, then maybe I'd go for the empty unit.

Have you looked at the decorations in the Meze restaurant where BG Max used to be? I'm not sure that it is very Crouch End.

Any  idea what is happening  with what used to be the blind shop between Rez and Callis? It's been empty since 2009.

It has just been granted a change of use from A1 retail to A2 Financial / Estate Agent / Betting shop - see here

I suspect the problem with Bouga is that the landlord is sitting pretty on a lease which the leaseholder is trying to offload. I'm told the sale is being handled by Martin Gerrard Commercial.

New to Opinion8 and new to Crouch End having just moved from Tufnell Park. To compare what has happened to Tufnell Park over the past four years is interesting. It is straight out gentrification, what with boutique shops, expensive cafes and expensive butchers and fishmongers. Oh and a Costa and Sainsbury's (though that was slightly earlier). However both the fishmonger and butchers opened in long empty units and one of the cafes was previously a unit occupied by a free book pop-up shop for a while. 

Having shops I rarely go into vs empty units I have to say I prefer the former. When I first moved to TP it was a few years after the start of the recession and felt like it was another dying highstreet. When Costa opened it signalled change to that end of development but with other shops opening it did give the street a more unique feel and was a lot nicer to live in. 

However Subway and Nandos are kinda halfway in between. True it makes CE feel more generic but empty units are a lot worse. And well North London has way too many estate agents...

(Also using an empty unit to pass on free books was a genius idea in the short run,but it does need to be staffed by volunteers etc.)


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