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The comments from the consultation on the constituency boundary changes have been published. Thanks to Paul Soper for spotting this

The results are posted on a  website , as a map, and in a list, but you have to fill in a lot of filters to get to Hornsey and Wood Green.

Enfield Council unanimously rejected the proposed carving up of their constituencies, including Stroud Green

Tim Gallagher submitted his complaint in the recommended format by saying something positive first.

My comments are here.

Paul has found one particularly unhelpful comment claiming Fisbury Park to be in Tottenham 

"now don't just look at Stroud Green Ward on the map because it is the comments in neighbouring wards that probably most deserve comment - although many of those are opposed to this change as well. It seems there was a public meeting in Romford where Stuart Macnamara - a labour councillor in Tottenham made the following fatuous comment - "The incorporation of Stroud Green ward I think is sensible and it is achievable, not only because Stroud Green ward fits along the western corridor for probably three-quarters of the ward of Haringey which sits wholly at the moment within the constituency of Tottenham. I would say as a funny aside that most people in Stroud Green assume that the park is in their ward and it is in Hornsey & Wood Green, when actually it is a Tottenham park." Now the ward he also mentions is Harringay, not Haringey, he completely ignores the railway line and then makes a "funny aside" concerning, I assume, Finsbury Park! Have a look at the link and comment away -"

So now you have a chance to comment on the comments.

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The point has been well made that Hornsey Vale - i.e. a sizeable chunk of Stroud Green ward - is in the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum Area. In addition, it's worth noting that the rest of Stroud green is expected to end up in the 'Finsbury Park and Stroud Green' Neighbourhood Forum, which is expected to be submitted to the three boroughs for approval in the next couple of months: http://finsburyparkstroudgreen.com/

This underpins the rather obvious point that if Stroud Green was going to be moved out of the Hornsey & Wood Green constituency it ought to merged with the relevant Islington constituency so that both sides of the the Stroud Green Road were included in the same division.

It also rather supports the argument that Hornsey Vale isn't a great fit within Stroud Green ward, to which it was added in recent memory due to similar arguments about numbers, but that's a different discussion.

It is and it isn't - Stroud Green geographically could be added to an Islington consituency but us residents of Hornsey Vale would be just as angry as having to join Tottenham!

Interesting comment from boundary commission "

"This consultation closes on 27 March 2017. Based on what local people have
told us we might revise our proposals and consult on those revisions in the
autumn of 2017."

So it goes on - without end?

Agreed. As I said in my last sentence above, Hornsey Rise isn't a great fit with the rest of Stroud Green ward.

I wonder whether one day, once London is entirely covered by Neighbourhood Forums, it wouldn't be better to turn those forums into wards (with differing numbers of councillors based on population). I also wonder whether it wouldn't be better to scrap the boroughs and transfer some powers down to Neighbourhood Forums and others up to the GLA.

Thanks Adrian, so a corrected map of the Conservative proposals below. With the important move of Crouch End to the well off end of things. I take back all the stuff about riff raff obviously.

Now a 'Finchley & Muswell Hill' and a 'Hornsey & Wood Green'. There seems to be no limit to the desire to cleave N8 in twain.

And so we say farewell to the new constituency.


The gig's off. Not for the first time.

We'll never know what it was like to live in Hornsey & Bowes Park, or Crouch End & South Tottenham, or Muswell Hill and North Finchley, or Crouch End & Hackney North.............

And, as previously noted, David Lammy MP would not have the chance to live in his constituency … without moving from his Stroud Green home!

Well, the final report has been presented to HMG, and for us it's just the same as the Boundary Commission revised proposal last year....   except it isn't quite. Can you see what they did?

I guess we have to wait and see if the government actually do anything with it.


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