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The comments from the consultation on the constituency boundary changes have been published. Thanks to Paul Soper for spotting this

The results are posted on a  website , as a map, and in a list, but you have to fill in a lot of filters to get to Hornsey and Wood Green.

Enfield Council unanimously rejected the proposed carving up of their constituencies, including Stroud Green

Tim Gallagher submitted his complaint in the recommended format by saying something positive first.

My comments are here.

Paul has found one particularly unhelpful comment claiming Fisbury Park to be in Tottenham 

"now don't just look at Stroud Green Ward on the map because it is the comments in neighbouring wards that probably most deserve comment - although many of those are opposed to this change as well. It seems there was a public meeting in Romford where Stuart Macnamara - a labour councillor in Tottenham made the following fatuous comment - "The incorporation of Stroud Green ward I think is sensible and it is achievable, not only because Stroud Green ward fits along the western corridor for probably three-quarters of the ward of Haringey which sits wholly at the moment within the constituency of Tottenham. I would say as a funny aside that most people in Stroud Green assume that the park is in their ward and it is in Hornsey & Wood Green, when actually it is a Tottenham park." Now the ward he also mentions is Harringay, not Haringey, he completely ignores the railway line and then makes a "funny aside" concerning, I assume, Finsbury Park! Have a look at the link and comment away -"

So now you have a chance to comment on the comments.

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When I did a "Stroud Green" search there were nearly 175 individual comments.  Only 2 support the proposal (neither from within the ward) and the main one being from David Lammy.  Even then he doesn't seem to put forward any positive arguments for SG moving.  Rather SG is collateral damage to stop Tottenham being carved up. 

He seemed to suggest that there are historic links between Tottenham and SG.  That may be true of part of SG  (I don't know myself) but where I am was part of Hornsey and despite attempts of politicians, planners et al to redraw and even obliterate organic boundaries, all my activities, loyalties and connections remain with what was Hornsey and Crouch End. 

Haringey itself doesn't work.   I have sympathy with at least one comment which states how much this side of Haringey is already neglected without adding to the feeling of disenfranchisement.



The comments were found in a verbatim copy of submissions made to a consultation meeting held in Romford (Romford?) and come from Stuart Mcnamara - a Bruce Grove councillor.  At a meeting held in St Aiden's some months ago Catherine West (who did not seem to me to be up to speed on what it might mean - just my impression) wasted time talking about a House of Lords resolution that had nothing to do with the Boundary Commission proposals we were discussing. An aside was offered that David Lammy, who lives in Stroud Green, was very happy not to live in his constituency.  Hopefully the overwhelming opposition to this half-baked idea will get it thrown out as it was 5 years ago...


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