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Stationer's Park - with a fort, a play area, a water feature and social media

Stationer's Park has its own website. I guess this is not unique for a park bit it feels somewhat unusual. On the home page you'll also find links to Twitter and Facebook and Youtube and Flickr Pages all dedicated to the park. Its probably not on linked-in because it already has a job providing a green space for picnics and play and just general enjoyment. I use it as part of a route to and from The Finsbury Park Track as a way of getting off the roads for a few minutes and enjoying the scenery.

And this is a picture of the old keeper's hut now Veolia have moved out.

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I think it's a great initiative. Stationers Park has been badly neglected since the cuts and Reg's departure.  Tireless fundraising activities by Friends of Stationers Park have enabled the condemned fort to be replaced, new benches and the broken pump in the pond/water feature to be mended. 

Now that the parks have lost so much council support, they rely on the community to help continue the litter removal and some of the daily upkeep to prevent them from becoming abandoned and subject to vandalism.  The park is fighting a constant battle against stuff being chucked the the ponds - aerosols, traffic cones, beer cans and general rubbish which threaten wildlife and make the place unpleasant for picnics, play and general enjoyment.

I, too, am concerned about the level of littering.  I believe animals are getting into the bins and distributing the litter across the park, especially in the children's play area.  Since the devastating cuts to the park's budget, Haringey now only collect litter in the park three times a week.  This is simply inadequate, given the heavy use of the park by young children. 

I am going to write to the Council to try to increase litter collection in the park.  Other parks e.g. Priory Park are litter picked every day.  Failing that, I will request that the bins are replaced with ones that do not allow animals to get at the litter.

Anyone got any better ideas?

Perhaps it is not a matter of how many times a week the litter removal takes place but the simple fact why is so much litter there???

Maybe we should start the campaign - 'teach your children to put the litter in the bin'? I do not want to sound like righteous parent but my 4 y old would not dream of dropping the litter on the ground.....

Why always count on Council to do all for us and tidy up after our children????

I agree that people should not leave litter behind, especially dog mess.  My daughter stepped in dog mess in the park today and walked it into the house because we did not realise.  But it is adults who are responsible for ensuring that litter is not left behind.  Young children are not to blame.  The main problem is not litter dropping, but animals e.g. birds, picking the litter out of the bins and distributing it over the park.  That is why the bins need to be emptied every day and we also need bins with secure lids that do not allow animals access to the rubbish.

It is the Council's legal responsiblity to keep our parks clean and safe - we pay council tax.  We also rely on the Council to prosecute people for dog fouling and litter dropping.  Unfortunately, prosecutions are very rare for these offences.

I completely agree Lucia and started a campaign against the problem of dog fouling in the park and in Crouch End in general back in April 2010.  You can see the various threads on the forum.  It really needs someone (or preferable a group) with some time to resurrect the campaign and constantly remind the council that they need to tackle this problem.  Adrian found an app that you could use to report dog fouling direct to the council - i forget where it is, but maybe he could remind us.

The problem is that a small group of anti-social dog owners use the park as their personal dog toilet.  They never pick up after their dogs and get really aggressive if you point out that a) dogs shouldn't be in the top of the park and that b) they need to remove the dog mess.

Now I'm back to work full-time I simply don't have the time to be harrassing park users, phoning the council and generally shouting about dog poo.  My weekends are so short and it really kind of takes over your life.  It would be wonderful if we could get a group together to join one of the monthly Friends of Stationers Park meetings and ask the council to attend so we could demonstrate how strongly we feel about this issue.  I would be willing to table this as an agenda item if I had some support - either by way of posts on here, an email or even in person.

Would be interested to hear of other's thoughts.

Anna, on the subject of litter - it's not the four year old's that are the problem.  It's the groups of older school children and adults who discard their chicken boxes and other rubbish without a thought for the park or anyone else. 

I don't  think it's a problem of ignorance - most people know they shouldn't do it. It's a problem of insolence and until society as a whole has some way of tackling that particular problem, we have to rely on the council to whom Lucia rightly points out, we do pay a tax for rubbish removal.

Rubbish and dog poo - two subjects guaranteed to send my blood pressure through the roof! 

So glad that I am not the only one fed up with this mess.  I would love to get a group together and I think it would be an excellent idea to attend a Friends' meeting and invite a Councillor - although it may be difficult to get one to come along.  I am still waiting for replies to letters and e-mails that I sent to the Council on this issue months ago.  However, our MP, Lynne Featherstone, has at least replied to my letters and written to the Council on my behalf.  She was responsible for the two new dog mess bins in Weston Park - which unfortunately have made no difference as lazy dog owners seem oblivious to them.  She may be able to help.

I will try to get a group together, but I will need the e-mail addresses of anyone interested in joining.  Cupcake - what would be the best way to contact you?

Hi Lucia

I'll talk to Kle Savidge who is Chair of Friends of Stationers Park and see if we can table this for the agenda - I'm sure we can get someone from the Council along. 

I'll send you a message with my email and mobile.


The app works for streets only I think, not parks . I wrote it up here some time ago http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/topics/love-clean-london-streets


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