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Middey's has been a thorn in the side of the Town Hall Square for a long time. There is a long history of topics about Middey's on this site.

And now the London Borough of Haringey is doing something about some of the planning breaches we've observed over the years.

Specifically as set out in the image:

A cynic might conclude that, as nothing was done whilst the building was in public ownership, that the motivation for this comes from the new private owners of the Town Hall.  The new private owners of Hornsey Town Hall is Crouch End (FEC) Ltd registered at companies house as having one share in issue held by Shevlock Ltd of the British Virgin Islands.

I'd have thought that an appeal against the canopy ruling might be successful, after all it has been there a long time onland licensed from Haringey, and in2016 Haringey's very own conservation officer described the canopy as a 'heritage asset'

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Indeed, I think Middey's believes it has planning permission for both these items which are to be removed under the enforcement order. The 2016 planning application can be seen in full here

Of the canopy Middey's said

"The existing canopy structure is to be kept as existing. The only proposed works is to replace the fabric because the current condition has deterioratedseverely. The new material will be similar color and fabric."

which is pretty much what they have done, except for the fabirc bit. So, a proportionate response from Haringey woyld be to demand the removal of  the plywood and replace it with fabric.

Of the extractors, Middeys' said

"The existing air conditions units are replaced as stated in 4.04 and the condensers are also replaced in the same position."

So permission for works on these units was granted. For all I know, they've done exactly what they said.    

The officers' recommendation was to grant permission.

GRANT PERMISSION subject to conditions
1) Development begun no later than three years from date of decision
2) In accordance with approved plans
3) Materials to match existing
1) Advertisement signage
2) Reinstatement of Telephone Lettering


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