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Social climbing - from Crouch End to Muswell Hill - I don't think so

This bizarre article has appeared in the Daily Telegraph. There is just so much of it that doesn't ring true.

"The ambitious project in Cecile Park has given the family a chance to climb – and they want to return to Muswell Hill" - OK so "climb" is ambiguous - Muswell HIll is physically higher than Crouch End, but the implication is social climbimg - I really don't think so.

"We 'lived' with the builders for 10 months, but I knew it would be worth it," - you cannot get 10 months worth of builders and only spend £150,000 - maybe they threw in some arms and legs by way of additional payments

"they snapped up seven bedsits and a basement flat in cheaper Crouch End for £875,000" - that's eight places, all in the same building, all sold at the same time, for less than £110,000 each - has the  market really taken its eye off the ball to that extent - this is an astonishing purchasing coup

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