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Smarter Travel in Haringey - bylcreem your hair, put your best suit on and brush up your brogues

No of course that's not what they mean. What they mean is that they want us to be more smart (i.e. clever) in the ways we choose to travel. We all need to get smart, and use less time, money , effort and fossil fuel to get from A to B. 

You can complete Haringey's questionnaire here 


Complete questionnairein parts its not too bad though it has its usual quota of dumb unanswerable questions, but it has dropped all but two of the intrusive "are you still a man/woman" questions.

The complete Haringey Smarter Travel page into which the questionnaire is embedded also contains a lot of information about a recent occasion on which similar questions were asked. There may be a bit of bias in that  the occasions would mainly have tended to attract walkers and cyclists, but only 8% of local shoppers usually use a car - maybe those parking charges and the paucity of parking places  are not such a killer after all. 

Any way - let them know what you think.

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