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The launderette on the corner of Elder Avenue and Topsfield Parade near the Queen's has been there as long as I remember, but it has (fairly) recently had a bit of a transformation. There was a display of aged washing implements and materials, which has now been removed, to be replaced by a PC/laptop/mobile phone booth on the corner, and a gentleman with a sewing machine just along Elder Avenue. I don't know what the tailor does, his services son't seem well advertised. Maybe I should stop and ask him one day.

But, I did have occasion to try the PC booth this week when one of the household laptops failed. It was a simple problem as the young man on duty simply proved, by simply plugging my laptop into his power supply. My transformer had simply failed. He had a replacement under his desk. He charged me £25 for it. Last time I bought one from Dell it cost me nearly £80.

I was pleased with this transaction, even though, as something of a reactionary, I like the washboard and Angel soap display.

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