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Sight Lines on the Niddle Noddle Planter - @niddlenoddle @haringeycyclist

Work has begun on the remodelling of the Niddle Noddle planter. Remember this was to have been removed in its entirety and would have been but for remonstrations from the Haringey Cycling Campaign and Katrine from Niddle Noddle.

I am far from convinced that any work is needed at all, and we are simply losing some mature greenery for the sake of spending some TfL money, and an illusory gain in road safety. Haringey's own diagram shows that the benefit to lines of sight comes from moving the Park Road Zebra crossing, and removing the metal barrier from the pavement. The reduction of height in the planter is entirely superfluous. 

 Still, the work is going ahead, and it will take years to get the planted bed back to its current standard.

The planted bed does not obscure the line of sight from the end of Middle Lane

No sane motorist would decide it is safe to turn right from here

One course of bricks remains

The view from across the road

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There was a serious accident close to this junction last Friday night around 11.30pm involving a cyclist which led to the Police closing the section of Park Road between Middle Lane and the Clocktower. I don't have any further details, or know whether the junction layout was a contributory factor. 

Council workmanship at its finest. "Where shall I put these bricks, boss?"; " Just dump them on top of those shrubs."

The situation might be worse than that. One of the notes I have seen from Haringey undertakes to replant the mature bushes elsewhere. Fat chance if they're buried under rubble and the roots are exposed to a total absence of moisture. What I suspect has happened is that the contractor had a contractual start date - so that's what he did - started. I've not been round today to see if work is actually taking place. Maybe it is, but if not , in the meantime, the roadway and footway is restricted and our streets are a storage place for hard core, dying shrubs  and unsightly plastic barriers.

I see that the new plants are thriving. Mainly thistle, interspersed with Tinnus Coca-Colae

Brilliant sight lines right now. Hurricane Ali has completely flattened all the barriers.


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