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Show your age / revel in your youth - admit you (don't) know who Busby Berkeley was

One of Crouch End's Creatives has posted a request for mums with buggies to take part in a Busby Berkeley style routine. Now I'm an old man and i remember watching Busby Berkeley films in the early days of telly, so I know what he means. I suspect most under thirty year olds won't know what he means.

Please help confirm my suspicions by completing my two question survey 

‎"Busby Berekely Buggy Ballet" 

I am making a video for my song 'Oh Mama' to be released around Mother's Day - it is going to be an epic production. We have a great director and the cameraman who does all the Little Britain & Katherine Tate stuff (amazingly all working for the fun of it!) - there is going to be two scenes with loads of mums with baby buggies doing a Busby Berekely style 'pram ballet' - which will be directed by a choreographer.

I am looking for mums with buggies who would like to be in it.

It will be at St Michaels School in Highgate next Saturday 21st of January from 10am to 2pm - do you know anyone who would fancy doing this? - it should be a right laugh - we just need a load of lovely mums! please contact me on here or mark@marknevin.com

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There is definitely an element of Busby Berkeley in this towards the end


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