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Shop Lifting in Crouch End - especially Muddy Boots

Miranda from Muddy Boots has posted on Facebook about shop lifting. I simply reproduce it in case anyone can help. If Miranda's got it wrong and I've reproduced her mistake, and it's you in the pictures and you are not a shop lifter, let me know and I'll remove them

Dear Neighbours
I wondered if any of you could help?
My shop (Muddy Boots Meat Shop) has been badly targeted by shoplifters again in the last couple of months and I'm struggling with it a bit. Can any of you help me with these pictures? 
The pic of the guy in the pub was really kindly taken by a customer who saw him selling our joints of beef around the tables, which was just shortly after we'd been robbed by a different man. The pictures in the shop (sorry they're not very clear) are another occasion of shoplifting and I'm pretty sure we've had this guy a couple of times. A regular problem we have is with a man with red hair and a red beard, very scruffy clothes, about 5' 10".
We're speaking regularly to the police, who are being great, but I don't have names or identities to help them safely prosecute.
I've moved the girls off the end of day rota as the shoplifters were targeting the last few hours of the day and had started goading the girls if they were on duty. 
We usually have our shop door wide open so that it's easy to stroll in and out (especially with carrying bags or pushing buggies) so I'm sorry it's sometimes closed just at the moment, only to act as a deterrent if they're around so it's not as easy for them to run back out. Hopefully my team are remembering to open the door if they can be helpful when you're coming in and we're saving up for automatic sliding doors - and now understand why the 'grown up' shops invest in these!
Fortunately we still have hundreds of people through the shop every week who are completely the opposite and totally wonderful! (thank you everyone!), I remind my team of this as well, when they're feeling a bit down about it. These are a very tiny isolated few and - I think - connected and working the shop together (they run out and pass it to someone in a car often too). 
Thanks so much for any help you can give me. Sorry for a bit of a local plea.
Miranda x

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