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Is it possible to translate the words in this trailer into English. If so could someone help me out with doing so. I can follow it as far as "welcome to the city of gold(?), welcome the city of . . . " which is where I get lost.
If I have understood correctly what the young lady sings , then I think I might be shocked.

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To be honest Adrian, it doesn't look like your kind of programme! I'm blissful in ignorance and am happy not to know what any of them are singing about.

While I am allowed to characterise me as a boring old fuddy duddy I'm not sure you are. I am giving consideration to being offended. 

i've had a response on twiiter which reads

@OpinionN8 ah this was the ad that I kind of thought they should pull after the riots

There are comments on the youtube page which suggest Mz Bratt starts singing "i am big i am bad" which is not what I hear. I think I can make out "I am buffer" which I think I understand. To be consistent with the youtube comments I should at this point insert a quite gratuitous expletive, but I'm not going to, so there.

There is a long tradition of using language in such a way as to confuse the establishment. Even something as simple as rhyming slang was originally designed to enable a conversation to take place within earshot of the Peelers without their being able to understand it. The use of language in rap seems to achieve not only that but also to embody an entirely different approach to living life.

I was including us both in that, so don't be offended. Not sure you have to be boring or a fuddy duddy not to be up on yoof culture. Just over the age of 24 which I am by a generation.

Fishmongers talk to each other in backslang so they can talk about their products in front of customers.  Lemsy = smelly, delo = old. 


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