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TOGETHER with the Council’s esteemed journal of record (Haringey People magazine) a new title dropped through my letter slot last weekend.

For those either not resident in Stroud Green Ward or who haven’t yet seen it, the full-length PDF version of Made in Stroud Green can be downloaded here.

There is some interesting information in it, unsurprising given there’re no fewer than 48 pages.

Not all residents will retain the publication, that consumed a third of the £10,000 Council Ward budget. 

If it was delivered to every household in the Ward, then perforce it will have gone to every voter in the Ward. Eleven months ahead of local elections and not a penny counting toward Election Expenses: impressive gaming. Lest anyone miss it, the Editor quoted his email address in four different places; his name (sometimes bolded) or contact details, appear at least once on no fewer than seven pages.

For those who may wish to assess for themselves an edited version that highlights the number of mentions and references to its elected Editor—please find it attached, below.

Plus a couple of Government guidelines that may be relevant.

Cllr. Clive Carter

Liberal Democrat

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Kudos to the council. Ward budgets entirely within the control of councillors, award themselves £3k to promote the activities of the same councillors. You've got to hand it to them. Oh yes, we already did.

Having said that - there were some good schemes that received help, and the Festival got a chunk...  but the naked politics of it is galling. Someone in Haringey should really be having a quiet word in Stroud Green, this isn't acceptable. Though no doubt all councillors will be crowing about their 'spending' come the election.

Hi Mark,

Not wholly within the control of councillors. Ward Councillors solicit or marshal any suggestions of residents and/or their own and present them for approval to a Council Officer, who has the final say.

I think you'll find the criteria for Ward Budgets are interesting reading; they are here

Yes I looked. Hence my comments.

Extract from the guidelines:

Ward budgets cannot be used for the following purposes:

  • Projects that are political in nature or campaign against the council or its agreed priorities or funding for lobbying

Repeating the name of a councillor many times might be considered "political in nature" but Raj Whatsisname is well on the right side of the campaigning criterion

Adrian, can I also draw your attention in particular, to the article by Cllr. Sahota on page seven, titled Stroud Green Moves to Tottenham?

This is a proposal of the Boundary Commission that I understand is endorsed by the Labour Party.

The Boundary Commission are considering consultation responses and we expect a response soon. For more information please visit the Boundary Commission website. Your ward councillors have submitted their own representations to the Boundary Commission – if you would like a copy email Raj.sahota@haringey.gov.uk.

The Boundary Commission's website is referred to but not printed, however the Ward Councillors’ representations to same are made available. Why should their submissions be promoted? Surely they are no more quotable or valuable than anyone else’s?

I attended the November meeting pictured – I am barely visible in the photo at the rear of the hall. A Stroud Green Labour Councillor is prominent in the front row.

That meeting of some 90 residents was overwhelmingly in favour of no such change, as anyone present could attest.

However, such a switch would then—and only then—allow Tottenham's MP to be able to claim that he lived in his Constituency,

The stupido Labour Party let's-save-Jeremy's-constituency suggested boundary is here - 

Stroud Green Might Move to Tottenham?

Though it may be that the whole thing falls foul of the Maybot fiasco, we'll have to see what gets in to the Queen's speech. In the meantime the Boundary Commission felt compelled to put out a press release.

I can't remember if we (block of 3 flats) received anything. All these types of magazines go straight into the recycling. I was so annoyed by getting Haringey People, I emailed to stop it. We still get it occasionally though. No one reads them. They add to the uncollected mail pile and end up in recycling.

Grateful if you could point me to where the costs of this publication is. I contacted my local SG councillor a few months back about a matter only to be given the excuses about priorities and lack of money. An excuse I a prepared to accept if money is allocated reasonably and not just legally.

Also, I read this site on my phone. It regularly states that there are more replies to a post than is there. Am I doing something wrong?

Opinion8's own bit of self promotion. Thank you mockturtle for continuing to read this site. You are right that not all the replies are shown on the mobile site, but you are doing nothing wrong. I will report the problem to Ning. I have changed the mobile site so that discussions come up first, now rather than events. On my phone operating system the three dots menu gives me the option to "request the desktop site". This is still readable on my phone and has all the replies.

IN response to my suggestion of Cllr. Sahota's publication as evidence of self-promotion, on 14 June 2017 he responded on Twitter with the hashtag:

#potkettleblack     LINK

The substance of his comment—link above and screenshot below—I leave for others to judge. However, the point he overlooks is that the publication for which he is Editor—and apparently, reporter, journalist and publisher —is delivered through and paid for, from public funds.

Can I please congratulate Stroud Green councillor Raj Sahota on a very interesting publication. Not everyone may appreciate just how much time and effort Cllr Raj Sahota has put into ensuring that the name and indeed the photo of Cllr Raj Sahota has been brought to the attention of residents of Stroud Green ward who have Cllr Raj Sahota as one of their elected councillors.
Naturally I read this 48 page publication avidly. But I confess that the first time I enjoyed its many glossy and colourful pages I did not fully realise the enormous effort put into it by Cllr Sahota, And especially failed to spot the fact that the modest shy and self-effacing Cllr Sahota had almost certainly underplayed his role, perhaps disguising a large part of his contribution by using the initials R.S. (Of course if Mr or Ms R.S. is not Raj Sahota then I apologise to them for my misunderstanding.)

Anyway, for people who haven't yet benefited from home delivery of this mag, here are some highlights to look forward to.

The magazine is edited by Cllr Raj Sahota and naturally has a prominent half page editorial welcome (p.3) with a friendly photo. There's another photo of him on page 6.

On pages 4 and 5 there's a report by Cllr Raj Sahota about the Parkland Walk. Page 7 carries a half page article by R.S. who as I said may well be Cllr Raj Sahota.

Skip over some ads to page 10 to read Cllr Raj Sahota's interview with the Director of Stroud Green Festival.

No one could possibly have a surfeit of Sahota so page 14 has another half page by R.S. Then please jump to page 18 where Cllr Raj Sahota - in bold type - interviews Lynne Brackley. On page 20 Raj Sahota shares the limelight in a joint piece with Kit Greveson.

Fans of Cllr Raj Sahota may share my disappointment to find that R.S. doesn't pop up again until page 26 with only a half page. But then R.S. gets the whole of page 27. Sadly there's a bit of a gap, but then I could enjoy another full R.S. page 31. With a half RS page on 32.

If at this point people have still not had sufficient Sahota or large enough ration of Raj you're in for a treat because R.S. is joint author of both page 39 and of page 47.

My only real criticism of this estimable publication was when I turned to the back cover - page 48. There my heart sank as, instead of Cllr Sahota, I found a paid-for ad.  Not the final flourish I was expecting from Cllr Raj Sahota.

MR. Stanton, many thanks for your review of the new title, Made in Stroud Green (Editor: Councillor Raj Sahota).

I confess I hadn't noticed the number of occurrences of the initials "RS" amongst the 48 pages.

For those who missed the home-delivered copy, I've noticed that Cllr. Sahota's publication is available at a number of public and semi-public outlets throughout Stroud Green Ward. I understand that Cllr. Sahota has gone the extra mile and made these further deliveries himself, showing a real commitment to the widest possible distribution.

Cllr Raj Sahota is such a splendid public-spirited fellow!  Wearing out his own shoe-leather - as well as spending public funds - to ensure the publication he edited and substantially wrote is enjoyed by as many people as possible.


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