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Secretive burger place up an alley in car park opens @BurgersAtN8 28th Oct at Noon

As found on Twitter:



It's official we open Thursday 28th October at 12 noon. Join our mailing list for updates - info@burgersat.com

 Rose Place Crouch End N8

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Had lunch today in Burgers@N8. The slight lack of focus in the service can be forgiven by virtue of it being within minutes of opening and will settle down. I don't like the bamboo cutlery but I do like the paintings on the walls outside and in, the bike rack and the chain link instead of a drain pipe. The burgers are Ok to good, the strawberry milkshake is better than the chocolate, and the sweet potato fries are good. Lunch (2 burgers, two lots of fries and two milkshakes was c£30)

The portrait might be by Ben Slow, the 'LOOK' by Artista. The bike rack is by Alps, from the Town Hall and the drain pipe is a chain.

Double click any image for a bigger version.

Google Maps tells me that this road name first appeared after 2009. Anyone know why it was chosen?

What Google maps tells us is when their peripatetic camera first took a photo of the sign indicating the name. I have found this map which I think may be London III.53 OS from 1893

When this map was drawn Hatherley Gardens were still gardens and Reginald Uren was not yet even a twinkle in a scandinavian eye. 

Just guessing of course but perhaps named for where Rose conducted her business.

Or to paraphrase Lonnie Donegan

"'Ow d'yer know they're Rose's?"

"'cos Rose is wearin' em" 

I think yoru screenshot shows the Google Maps, probably used as an index sheet on oldmapsonline.org. I did check the old OS maps before asking the question and it's not on any of them.

Hers's the real 1893 

...and here's the 1952:

Neither did it make an appearance in the 1967 OS map.

In Kelly's Directory for similar dates, it doesn't make an appearance at all, either under any listing for Rose Place, or as a mentioned street in the street list for The Broadway. So, it wasn't mentioned at least up until the middle of the century.

Sorry. Luckily I am now too old to be embarrassed. 

I don't think this pins it down any better. It is from the land registry dated in 2015.

The first line contains a date in 1945 and a reference to Rose Place, but as it also contains a post code I think it does not tie the date to the street name.


Mmm, the entry (as below) identifies the land edged in red. It uses the modern address and post code. It doesn't mean that this name was used at the time of the entry referred to (and modern post codes weren’t in use at that time). 

(02.06.1945) The Freehold land shown edged with red on the plan of the above Title filed at the Registry and being 1 Rose Place, The Broadway, London (N8 9SU).

Since all other sources of info tell us tell us that the name is relatively new, I think we can confidenty say that the date in this instance has no link with the name used.

I've searched planning applications for the postcode and the earliest application on file with a reference to Rose Place is in 2015

That seems about right.

Mark Fitzpatrick might know. His phone number is here https://www.fitzpatrickteam.com/ I haven't followed this up.


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