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couldn't find a previous post about this - please delete this if there already is - Secret Cinema have booked HTH for the next few weeks as part of their ongoing stealth cinema nights.

I've been to 4 of these and recommend them wholeheartedly.  You sign-up not knowing what the film is and trust in the hosts good taste that it'll be worth watching...

the evening involves actors and sets based around the movie, you interact ...or you simply drink at the bar(s) in amusement.  People dress up and people dress down.

check out youtube for previous events.

Crouch End, embrace Secret Cinema!

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Well this is extraordinary news. A real permanent cinema almost open at the Arthouse (just walked by to see the last  minute preparations - Don't Panic, Don't Panic) and planning permission granted for another. And now the near derelict Town Hall pressed into service for a showing. Forgive me for asking, but if it's secret, how do you know? 

Hi A, I've signed up to the latest event - and they sent out the venue information last week.  I went down and checked it out, they've already put some women's clothes in the windows of the adjacent council building and are in full flow setting-up for the opening this weekend.

I think viewings will happen Thurs through Sunday for the next 6 weeks.

Indeed there are clothes set out in those windows and a reference to the Sun Tong laundry and Beaumont City in a side passage, but google does not connect those two for me.

Those names won't mean anything (just made up by SC) the only clues (so far) to this production are that it's set around 1920s/30s USA and there's some political shenanigans.

If you're on the fence about going, and if you like cinema/theatre, I say it's well worth the punt.

I went along with my lady last weekend.  The SC crew have used a lot of rooms in the old town hall, including (what could only be?) the council chamber, a beautiful art deco crescent shaped seating plan in rich dark woods (on the walls also).

What a beauitful building that must have been in its time - why can't it ge regenerated for future use?

It is,  perhaps, being regenerated - though very slowly and even more in secret than the secret cinema. I have written extensively on the subject. for example, here.

Perhaps the only possible reason for voting labour might be that their candidate Jason Arthur has said in this week's Ham and High that he wants to accelerate the Town Hall regeneration.


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