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I had a Sunday meal in Beam just before Christmas, at about 1 o'clock. I figured it wouldn't be too busy because Crouch Enders aren't early risers so would not be at lunch yet, but I hadn't allowed for how late they'd be at breakfast, so we had to do a bit of furniture moving to get a table. The furniture is generously sized and given lots of space so there is no sensation of being cramped, and the decor is totally inoffensive.

I had a full English Breakfast which was pretty good - except the bread was toast - I was quite looking forward to bread. She had a chicken salad with extra bread (sorry - toast) and we both ate all of what we were given and left happy, but with the underlying thought that Coffee Cake is better.

And as for the yummy-mummy debate, about half the time we were there, there was a constant screaming of a young child from somewhere behind me. My children were always perfectly behaved whenever I took them to a public place. 

Overall, not bad.

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My experience was a little different. I went in there with my wife for a coffee, a coffee that took 15 mins to arrive. Right there they have lost me, being that there are at least 115 other coffee shops in Crouch End who can beat that wait time.

It was all a bit 'meh' to be honest.


I went the other week, it was ok but nothing to shout about. My orange juice was extremely sour but the breakfast I ordered was quite nice (Scrambled egg and Salmon on toast). The interior is really nice and it seems really spaced out, it got quite busy but I didn't feel cramped at all and the staff were really friendly.


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