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This map shows the site of the old Ashmount School in N19, which is just in Islington, but whose catchent area includes some Haringey Streets. The School is moving soon to a new site just off the Parkland Walk where the same cross border catchment will apply. I don't know the school but I wish it every success in its move and what looks like a splendid new location.

The move will leave a vacant site in a leafy residential street. Perhaps the obvious thing to do with it is to sell it to a property developer and allow the previous owners (Isilington, I assume) to profit from the huge demand for residential development in this part of London. Such a move would have implications.

Lyn Weber has published on her blog a number of dated pieces setting out the development of the planning brief for the site and for any one interested in this sort of thing its a worthwhile read. Haringey Council is one of the participants in consultation on the planning brief and has a couple of interesting things to say.  For instance:

"Any redevelopment of the site for residential will result in a child yield which, in turn, will lead to an increased demand for school places in the local area"

Now 'child yield' is not some Dahl-ian concept based on the behaviour of witches or ogres, it simply means that some children will live in the houses. Haringey's concern is that some of these children will apply for admission  to Haringey schools.

Also, from the same Haringey document:

 "Islington’s projections show that, by 2016, surplus capacity [for primary schools]  in the area will have decreased to less than 0%"

I draw severl quite positive inferences from this:

1) Lyn is keeping an eye on things

2) Haringey and Islington are sharing information, which might imply joined up thinking

3) Haringey does consider the pressure on school places to be a relevant factor when considering proposed developments

For any one with an active interest there is an Ashmount Site Action Group (ASAG) which also playing a part in the development of the planning brief and the disposal of the site

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The next week a letter  from a prominent supporter of ASAG appeared in the Tribune. This contains the denial that ASAG were criticising the school.

"Housing Policy Backlash"


I replied to that with a letter of my own

Two thirds supported school move

I thought it odd that ASAG having declared that they were no longer trying to stop the school move, recognising that there attempts to do so had failed, were still bringing up old arguments against the move. However I thought it better not to let their argument go by default, so I wrote the letter.

And ASAG responded thus:-

Forget old battles

Interesting to see what is happening here. I sincerely believe that ASAG are raking up old stuff, from which we should move on, and say so. Their response is to say that it is I, who by replying to them, are raking up the old stuff. Not much of a meeting of minds. Oh, well.

I did, reluctantly write a reply to this latest, but the Tribune have declined to print it, and declined to give me a reason, despite two requests as to why they will not.

So there the matter rests -thanks to the Tribune's editorial policy, ASAG get the last word. 

Well I suppose it had to stop somewhere....

 Saturday 17th November 12- 4 when Ashmount says Goodbye. It's shaping up to be an afternoon to remember as we look forward to welcoming staff, pupils, parents, friends past and present to share memories and celebrate 55 years of Ashmount School at Ashmount Road. We've got entertainment from our music teachers' Jazz Band, the fabulous Mr Marvel and from 2.30 'The Sounds of Ashmount' as our children take centre stage and perform for us from Nursery to Year 6 with a fabulous finale that will leave us all teary eyed! So make sure that you have the date in your diary - flyers and posters will be sent out soon, but in the meantime if you know anyone who has been associated with Ashmount then make sure they know to come along.

I am writing to tell you about a residents meeting on 27 November 2012 at 7pm. The meeting will take place at:

Ivy Hall Community Centre
Holly Park Estate
Crouch Hill
London N4

The purpose of this public meeting will be to advise residents of the revised timescales and plans for the buildings to open in January 2013. There will be an opportunity for questions. Issues that we may be requested to comment on are:

Construction work at the weekends
Community use of the new buildings.
Tree planting in the new park.

A Willmott Dixon representative will be available to discuss the construction works. The meeting will be chaired by Cllr Richard Watts. Jeremy Corbyn will attend if voting schedules permit.

Kate Cornwall-Jones
Project Manager, BSF Team
Childrens Services
Islington Council
3rd Floor
7 Newington Barrow Way
t. 020 7527 5831
e. kate.cornwall-jones@islington.gov.uk
m. 0777 329 4147
w. www.islington.gov.uk

It seems to me that anyone interested in this thread might be interested in this new one I just started.



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