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Please help save Park Road Pool's diving boards.

When Fusion consulted on the refurbishment which is starting next week the proposal was to create a moveable floor to the diving pool so it could be used as a teaching pool as well as for diving. About two weeks ago it became clear that contrary to the announced plans Fusion has decided to stop all diving at Park Road and remove the boards. There has been absolutely no public consultation on this at all. Fusion say that there will be boards put in at Tottenham Green but there is no guarantee that this will happen and they can't even confirm that the Tottenham Pool is deep enough for boards.

The diving boards are used for fun, for diving lessons and by two competitive diving clubs including Haringey Aquatics. As someone whose daughter was learning to dive at Park Road I can say that the commitment to diving has been diminishing for some time as they cancelled lessons and changed teachers around without notice but at no time was there any hint that diving was not going to be an option for the future.

It doesn't say much for the promised legacy from London 2012 that as Tom Daley moves to London to train at the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park that a local facility which was teaching kids inspired by him is set to close.  There is a petition online at Change.org - http://bit.ly/saveparkroaddivingpool - please help us save our diving facilities by signing.

Thank you.

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I have signed your petition.

I despise Haringey consultations and it loks as though Fusion have learned well from their employers.

Why is your petition not on the Haringey petition site. You may well have got enough signatures to have it brought up at council

I didn't know Haringey had their own petition site. I'll let the organisers of the Change.org one know. 


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