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Haringey Council is planning to


Please, please, please, don't ignore this! 

I'm more than slightly alarmed at the Woodgreen AAP (Area Action Plan) now currently includes knocking down all of Caxton rd, and neighbouring houses, to build a pedestrian retail space with a view!

Yes! Including our nice irreplaceable Victorian houses!

I am opposing their plan, but need your voices too.


Website https://mrdavekingett.wixsite.com/saveourhomes has both links to the petition and the ‘commonplace’ Council forum.​

The brief 'Regulation 18' Public Consultation ends 31st March, if we don't speak up it may be too late!

Please follow link below and sign the petition to ​​

prevent Plans to demolish our street.




Please sign, then share on all social media platforms with a personal comment expressing the importance.




Please agree with appropriate comments here, the council’s forum for consultation:




slightly trickier; there are now at least 5 comments logged in the last few weeks by neighbours, to the effect of; “Caxton road”, ”Mayes road”, “Plans to demolish our homes” etc…

Please click to agree with them, again please share them on fb etc and potentially write your own.


Potentially consider independently emailing your opposition to localplan@haringey.gov.uk


Here’s a link to the Councils plan: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/sites/haringeygovuk/files/aap_med_res_16mb_0.pdf


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BELOW is a photo of the Council's model for Wood Green, post re-generation. It currently appears as one of the splash screens on the Council's home page; I've merely downloaded it as a jpeg. It's quite a large photo: click to enlarge it.


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