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My children are very fond of sausages and they have become very discerning about which ones we eat. The current favourites are:


Debbie & Andrews Perfect Pork Sausages (available at Budgen's)

Paul Rankin's Sausages (available at Waitrose though I'm not sure about Budgen's)


What are your recommendations for the perfect banger?  We'll only consider sausages with a meat content of over 85%!


I must also try some of the butcher's sausages in Freeman's which I regularly walk past...



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Not strictly from Crouch End, but I would recommend the Sainsbury's taste the difference range - my personal favourites are the pork and apple and the pork and sweet chilli.
We bought some sicilian ones today - I'll report back!
I've just ordered some of Sainsbury's sausages over the internet. They cost £6.48 per kilogram. Morley's does rump tips for £8.50. The stir fry I did with them was excellent. I wonder if there should be a bigger price differential, with the sausages being cheaper?

This is what used to pass for TV entertainment. Sausages come in at 1:40. Now we have Big Brother


That is actually very funny!

My parents wouldn't let me watch That's Life, as being terrible TV snobs, they thought it was moronic. I see I was missing a treat.  I was also banned from watching Grange Hill, scary movies and Rentaghost!

Good recommendations for Morley's butcher sausages on Topsfield Parade and Ally Pally Farmers Market, particularly the Giggly Pig sausages. 


I can't believe no-one has recommended 'Freemans' butchers but yet recommend supermarket sausages?! Instead of walking past, next time I recommend going in and getting one of each! : ) They completely wipe the floor with any other sausages I've tried.


My favourite, when they have them, are the smoked sausages!


They also do black pudding sticks for £1.


I want some now!!!!!

I'm going to, I promise! I've bought rib of beef from them before and it was superb.  Sausages are the next on my list - I think it's just because I can see exactly what is in the sausages from the supermarket by reading the list of ingredients. I don't want any with loads of breadcrumbs in them.

You do need a certain amount of rusk (or breadcrumbs) in a sausage otherwise it would just fall apart (so I'm told).

A 100% meat sausage would just crumble under its own weight and consistency.

I promise, you will like em! haha. Although, if we are talking supermarket sausages, the strangely named black farmer and black farmer's daughter ranges are excellent too - from Budgens.


I can't talk about sausages anymore at this time in the afternoon. It makes me want to go out and eat bad things!

Hello sausage lovers,


I would wholeheartedly recommend Freemans, they are very tasty and good quality. We had had some chipolatas recently for our friend's kids when we had a bbq and they loved them. Giggly Pig at the Ally Pally Farmers Market are also delicious in many varieties and usually do some good deals (3 packs for £10 or something similar) :-)

I'm hungry now!


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