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It's been a whole day since another bloody supermarket opened, and no one's posted yet, so... will people use it? Is the free parking too tempting to resist? Can I be bothered to climb the forbidding Hillfield Avenue gradient to go myself?

According to facebook it's... disappointingly a bit like Tescos (a nuance I'm unlikely to notice),... is there parking? yes, ... it's somewhere better than overpriced CE,... unfortunately it doesn't have a cafe (because there are so few in the area presumably), ... is there parking? yes,... it's massive, yet it's not too big and not too small, ... and people have been buying porridge there.

And Chris Arnold keeps calling it Hornsey Village, and people keep getting annoyed. They're a chippy bunch up there.

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Well, I went and had a gander... and whisper it, but it's a bit of a downmarket version of a Sainsbury's.

Somebody high up in Sainsbury Towers has decreed that Hornsey will not see the in-store fancy delicatessen, or the butchers, or the fish counter, or the cheese counter, and the like. Nope, only shelves stacked high with the usual. The only singularity in the store being a 'hot food and cheapo pizza servery'.

(A Lidl would've been handier, to me anyway).

Of course this is not entirely bad news. Quite the opposite in my view. I suspect Crouch End (and some of the shops and cafes on Hornsey High St) has dodged a bullet and the shopkeepers down the Broadway may be less impacted than feared, even with the 112 parking spaces now appeared in Hornsey.


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