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No, this is not about the shunga pictures again but about Veolia. Lynne Featherstone has collected 400 complaints from constituents about the quality of the rubbish collection service provided to council tax payers. Just to say Lynne, I'm very happy with the service I get in Crouch End. Hope to goodness the Waste Framework Directive that comes in on January 1 2015 does not mean yet another change to my front yard and the bins I have to accommodate. I like the commingled system, indeed I'd go further. If the council has clever machinery to sort things out, why should I have to bother at all. Why can I not just put the dirty nappies and the polystyrene packaging with the pop bottles and the newspapers and leave it all to the recycling depot?

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Agree. I've had no complaints, and I think the service has generally improved significantly over the past 15 years or so. And reports of fly-tipping etc have also been dealt with promptly.

I agree too. I am sure there must be more useful stuff for Lynne to campaign over than a pretty good rubbish collection service. 

Iagree too. I am very pleased with Haringey's rubbish collection service and street cleaning.  If ever I have any queries or requests they are dealt with very efficiently. 


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