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I arranged to have a parcel redelivered to Crouch End's Post Office. I decided to take the 75p hit for the convenience. On Wednesday the online system told me I could not get redelivery until Friday, but I suppose that gives a day for Royal Mail to get things in order. I got an email saying redelivery would be on Friday 26th (see below). So I went round at about 10 a.m.to piock up said parcel. The lady on the desk disappeared for a long time. A very long queue built up. Eventually she camback and said the postman hadn't been yet so my parcel would not be there until after 12. So, as far as I am now concerned, 20 minutes of my morning has been wasted, I won't be able to get my parcel until Saturday when it will probably take more than half an hour. I do not consider this a good service. I do not want to pay 75p. I would like my parcel redelivered at a time convenient to me.

Your Reference Number: 3-1008xxxxxx83
Date on Card: Tue 23 Sep 2014
Name on Card: A Essex
Original delivery address: 7 Fairfield Road, London, N8 9HG
Your item: Parcel
Number of items: 1
Item Number : -
Collection date: Fri 26 Sep 2014
Collection from: Crouch End Post Office, 28 - 29 Topsfield Parade, London, N8 8QB

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Dear Mr Essex

Thanks for your email. I'm sorry that an item you were expecting to be redelivered to the Post Office Counter had not arrived at the time you went to their office.


May I explain that we're unable to specify an exact time when deliveries or redeliveries will be made and it is possible for delivery times to vary on a day-to-day basis. There are a number of factors that influence the time we get mail out for delivery. These include the transportation of mail through our postal pipeline and subsequent volumes of mail available for delivery. We therefore aim to have the item redelivered before the Post Office closes for the day.


Unfortunately I am unable to offer a refund or waive the local collect fee on this occasion. This is because we must treat all of our customers both fairly and consistently. If we were to refund or waive your fee on this occasion, we could be setting a precedent. This, in turn, could leave us with an open ended liability to make such payments in the future. It would also be unfair to our other customers who pay the additional fee in order to use this service.


Thank you, for contacting us about this matter and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience you may have been caused.

I hope you have found this information useful and that this explanation resolves your enquiry and concludes this matter for you. However if you are unhappy with my response you can contact the Escalated Customer Resolution Team who will re-investigate your complaint. They can be contacted by emailing: customerresolution@your.royalmail.com. Alternatively you can write to: Escalated Customer Resolution Team, Royal Mail, PO Box 466, Plymouth, PL9 7HJ. If you do contact the team please can I ask you to quote your reference number 1-3149417768




Janet Turner

Royal Mail Customer Services

I had an email at 7.50 this morning telling me that Royal Mail were going to deliver a tracked parcel today. The package duly arrived only an hour later. Respect!

But, bearing in mind that it had been posted at least two days ago the email was completely redundant. What could one possibly do with this information: take a day off work at short notice? It would have made far more sense to send an email twenty four hours earlier with a projected time frame for the ring on the door bell. That would be information I could use and act on.

The technology is good and it works - let's work out how best to use it without it becoming totally irrelevant.



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