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Can anyone recommend a roofer in Crouch End?

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It must be the rain that's alerted you to it?

There are a couple of recommendations on here http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/topic/listForTag?tag=roofer

and these from elsewhere

Tracy Murray
23 Februar
Can anyone recommend a good roofer who works in the Crouch End / Muswell Hill area? Large damp patches have appeared on a bedroom ceiling below a first floor flat roof after the recent downpours. Many thanks
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Jane Hayward I'd recommend Shane at Starlight, 07958 916092. He did a terrific job for us recently when we had just the same situation.
23 February at 10:59 · Like

Tracy Murray Many thanks!

Adam Wilsher Hi Tracy, I live in Crouch End and work for Roof Technology. We specialise in single ply flat roofs - www.rooftechnology.co.uk - and we operate in and around London, including N8. Please PM me for details if you would like to talk.

Alison Gardiner
27 March · London 
I am sure there was one about looking for a roofer locally recently?! Thanks

Kieran Wilson Hi Alison what was the roofing need? We might be able to help. Www.loveyourspace.co.uk if not I have someone local and reliable I could refer you to.

Alison Gardiner Hi thanks Kieran - we need to get a flat roof 'certified or certificated?'(!) for insurance purpose and also there is a leak in the roof at the back. A stain has appeared in my sloping loo ceiling. Is this something you could do? Best wishes
27 March at 13:50 · Like

Jane Hayward I posted the number of a really nice & thorough roofer who fixed a similar problem for us recently. Shane Hobden, 07958 916092
27 March at 13:54 · Like

Gemma Louise Hurst Try Ljeffery Roofing, great local company

L Jeffery Roofing Haringey | Enfield | Crouch End
Emergency roof repair, new roofs, chimneys and...
27 March at 14:05 · Like

Genny Wilkinson Priest My neighbour, Darren Brown. 07767 373639. Very trustworthy.
27 March at 15:37 · Like

Kieran Wilson Hi Alison could certainly look at cause of stain on pitched roof. Ill check re certification with roofer.
27 March at 18:27 · Like


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