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Roll up, roll up, get your quinoa and peanut butter upside down cake here

A proposed place of small proportions, with two beds underground. Nestling betwixt the rears of Weston Park Dentists and Broadway Parade.

Space is at such a premium in Crouch End just now many Crouch Enders are becoming Hobbit-like, with hairy feet and underground dwellings. This planning application fits a dwelling into a nearly land locked space. This cross-section shows the space will be used.

This is the narrowest house in Delft, which you'll notice has two front doors. Given a suitably quirky facade perhaps this CE development could be marketed as a tourist attraction
"Visit Crouch End's narrowest house - now occupied by the largely subterranean Artisanal Crouch End Hobbit - the property is used for the hand making of the , quite rightly, world-famous quinoa and peanut butter upside-down cake.  Bubo Bugarov, head of the family and chief cake inverter, conducts guided tours for the nominal fee of 17 castars, and offers lifelong freedom of the atelier in return for just one genuinely creative idea."

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