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Word is the old Fish & Chip shop by Subway is going to be fast food - or fats food - selling burgers. Yuck!

Rock around the Clock - a smoothie bar.

Mirror Mirror - furniture.

Nice Work Chris, 

Mirror Mirror = confirmed (see below) but we need more info on Fat Cat and  Pizza Bella

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Very disappointed to hear about the burger place moving in.

Isn't Citrus and Cocoa (healthy café/bar) moving into the former Fat Cat premises?

I think Solomon Retro will be a nice addition. A smoothie bar also seems interesting and there's probably a market for it in the area. However (and I know I'm in the minority here) I would love to see another coffee shop opening up in the area. Every single coffee shop in Crouch End seems to be full during the week-ends.

Was the furniture shop that is now Bottle Apostle once called Solomon's?

Subway seems mainly to be frequented by school children, but the centre of Crouch End will not be affected by Haringey's new Fast Food policy

Yes it's the same guy. I seem to remember it sold 50's/60's Retro furniture and there was a workshop at the back.

Work has started on the Dandy Candies unit so that's another new business on Park Road . Anyone know what it is going to be?

Suddenly this stretch of Park Road is looking very much better than a few months ago and nearly all the vacant shops have been re-let. 


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