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Revised Town Hall Plans - we have until 10th November to Comment

Town Hall Plans have been revised.

I had a look at them, although the application now has quite a large list of documents.

The key document is the Cover Letter dated 18th October which sort of outlines the changes. 

I may be wrong, but for me the key changes are:

  1. Increase in housing person capacity - was 466 persons is now 478 persons - an increase of 12 persons
  2. 11 Social Housing Units in West Annexe, i.e. above the new restaurant which is in the state of refurbishment (old Electricity Showroom)
  3. Still 7 storeys but apparent reduction in roof equipment so apparently not visible from front of town hall.

So most of the objection should still stand - other than increase in accommodation - I did not check the Hotel.

(Adrian, did I see post which suggested that the developer cannot make a change other than through a new application - I think there was some reference to an application for another borough??)

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Hi Jeremy, the changes are deemed to be minor enough to escape the necessity of a new planning application.

ie. if they were completely inconsequential, they'd just be added to the pile of docs; if they are significant amendments (such as the adding of a new floors, or major redesigns) then a new application would be necessary. As it is this mess of pottage appears to be neither too small nor too big, and is just right enough to necessitate a re-opening of the public consultation, but that's all.

Your analysis of the contents is correct, though with a couple of additions...

The main purpose of these amendments is to respond (or, indeed neutralise) the key potential bases of a refusal. Thus the height of Block B is reduced as a response to Historic England's comments, and the detailed drawings and discussion of the rear elevation of the East Wing is a rejoinder to the Twentieth Century Society. The newly uploaded 43 documents (count 'em) of daylight and sunlight work is a defence of the height of Block A and the Mews block.

The extensive presentation of designs for the Square is a response to the community's comments - but in particular cites, and co-opts, the Crouch End Festival into the presentation. The 'offer' made by Haringey of plugging the monetary gap in the provision of 11 affordable units for the Annexe is not strictly planning, more PR, but is also part of the FEC/Haringey response.

I don't think you can criticise the developer for these moves, they are after all a sign that they are listening. Though my disappointment is that the overall heights are much the same, to the detriment of the conservation area. Mind you, with everyone grandstanding about affordable housing, it is now very unlikely the number of flats would change - if the Mayor had it, he'd probably stick another couple of storeys on.

My reading is, is that the developer will now be quite confident of planning approval. And with planning consent comes the final piece in the jigsaw, the lease. Served with Boxing Day mince pies and sherry perhaps.


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