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Review of premises alcohol licence - BG MAX - closing date 30th October

The London Borough of Haringey undertakes reviews of licences when complaints have been received. There is currently such a review taking place for BG MAX. There have recently been some violent incidents which are said tobe associated with the bar. This is the public's opportunity to submit comments and to identify occasions on which the four requirements of the licensing laws have been breached.

You can send in your representation by post or email to.

Licensing Team
Regulatory Services
Place and Sustainability Directorate
Units 271-272
Lee Valley Technopark
Ashley Road
N17 9LN

Tel 020 8489 8232
Fax 020 8489 5528
Email licensing@haringey.gov.uk

BG Max 139 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, London, N8 9BJ

Review of Premises Licence

Failure to uphold the Licensing Objectives of The Prevention of Crime and Disorder and Public Safety Sale of Alcohol, Regulated Entertainment and Provision of Late Night Refreshment

Hornsey  - Closing Date 10/30/2012

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I have written to the licensing department. Other local people should also do so.

Dear Licensing

I believe that the owner of the licensed premises BG Max in Crouch End has failed to uphold the Licensing Objectives of The Prevention of Crime and Disorder and Public Safety. He is publicly quoted as saying "

If people want to fight they will, and even if you take them out they will continue and then it’s the police’s turn.

“I’ve got an appointment with the council next week; it’s not our fault to be honest - it happens in every club, in every borough.”"  http://www.tottenhamjournal.co.uk/news/crime-court/crouch_end_night...

Whereas what he should be saying is

"If people want to fight our door security staff will do their best to calm them down and make sure that when they leave the fighting does not continue. With our team of security staff the police should never be needed.

“I’ve got an appointment with the council next week; We will admit to a few mistakes and promise it will never happen again."


His cavalier disregard for public safety is clearly insupportable and the licence should be withdrawn forthwith.




Yes please.

Everyone in the vicinity should use this as an opportunity to have this license removed.

There is a local campaign and letters are going out this weekend to local residents with details on how to correctly send in information.

All info needs to have a name and address on it. HOWEVER by law, if you state that you wish your details to be withheld, they will be by the council so they won't be shared anywhere else (other then with the magistrate should he or she wish to see them). It is a highly important point as any correspondence without details cannot be submitted.

PLEASE pass this on and get your community involved.

Are we frightened of this barman, so that we have to conceal our identities. Who is running the campaign? Why not put the information here?

Thankfully, the local LibDem councillor has decided to help the community

There will be letters going out this weekend with full details - I will post when it comes through.

The information is the same as above but with the addition of people's details

I have not had any circular letters, from the LibDems or anywhere else.

But, as the result of my email to the Licensing review I have had a call from Jed Mackin of Trust Inns, the business development manager for BG Max. He has been meeting with Haringey's licensing team and would like to meet local residents. He can be contacted via Janet Meve on 01257 238813. He wants to resolve the licensing problems.

The letters have been sent and the deadline has been extended until the end of November.

Anyone in the area affected by this horrid place should speak up now.

A lot of residents have already mailed the licence team. There's still time.


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