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Walking past Sable D'Or in Crouch End on Saturday I fell upon a sight that made my heart beat just fast enough to potentially knock out an ECG machine. 

Red Velvet Cupcakes! 

I've only heard of these probably in the last couple of years because an old school friend, who emigrated to SoCal some years ago, used to make status updates from her mountain house about afternoons pottering around the kitchen and making these delights.

Just before Christmas whilst visiting my loveliest of friends in N15, their neighbour dropped round some slices of Red Velvet Cake. Oh mama!  It was delicious. 

Now, I exerted the most uncharacteristic self control at not buying Sable D'or's plump little beauties (actually, not so little looking...drool").  But now I need to know how much they are, and how can I get them on delivery speed dial when I come OFF THIS STUPID DIET.

Who can help me out here? I also need to know what makes them red - I'm guessing beetroot?

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Oh and I forgot to take a picture so maybe if someone's out and about they could snap them to post?


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