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Reasons the Earl Haig Memorial Hall should not be a nursery - 1 -2 - 3

If you wish to object to the proposed change of use of the Earl Haig Memorial Hall you can do so clicking on this link.

This is what I wrote.

I wish to object to the change of use of the Earl Haig from sui generis to nursery on three main grounds
1) a massive reduction in the utility to the community of a much loved and well used community facility
2) the loss of  a pub
3) what appear to be flaws in the calculation of parking spaces
In more detail. 
1) Haringey's ACV panel has recently awarded the Earl Haig Hall its status as an Asset of Community Value, citing a wide and varied set of uses by a very diverse user base. Recent users include nursery age children during daytime hours, the Haringey Youth Orchestra (with Ray Davies), theatre audiences, local markets, residents' associations and of course the pub clientele. Haringey has policies in place to protect such community use. By contrast the nursery (also a community use) would be restricted largely to the privileged children of wealthy parents who can afford the substantial commercial rates charged by such a facility.  In the context of Haringey policy, this would not be a fair exchange.
2) Haringey policy recognises pubs as special cases for planning purposes and attemtps to preserve this use of a building. The applicants sophistry in arguing that the building is not a pub is not a sustainable argument . Within the unique sui-generis designation there is clearly the operation of a pub alongside all the other community facilities. As the British Legion the building operated as a club with a bar, that is as licensed premises prior to its use as a pub . The ACV panel assessment refers throughout to the building as a pub . 
3) the calculation used to assess the viability of arrivals and departures by car seems flawed . One of the tables provided appears to show free parking spaces on Tottenham Lane at the peak period for morning arrivals. There are in fact no spaces on Tottenham Lane at that time, parking there is forbidden . Correcting this calculation would substantially add to the parking stress figure at the main arrivals time . Elder Avenue is almost invariably fully parked . The arrival of nursery age children would cause considerable congestion . Each car arriving would require somewhere to park . Delivering older children or adults might be achieved by pulling up for a moment and disgorging. But for nursery aged children the driver / carer / parent must Park , get out of the car ,unfasten the restraints and deliver the child to a further responsible adult. This cannot work on Elder Avenue which is already notorious for the difficulties caused by passing cars .
Please reject this application .

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The pub has already been lost, irrespective of this application. I can't see a queue of applicants wanting to open a replacement pub, particularly when there is another pub almost next door. At least a nursery might offer the prospect of community use outside the nursery hours. The risk of the nursery application failing is that the Earl Haig will just be boarded up and eventually redeveloped into flats.

The point about the car drop-offs is a valid one however and needs to be addressed by the applicant. Ideally most of its target customers should be within walking/pushchair distance.


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