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I'm very happy to hear that the individual responsible for the daytime rape of a woman in Alexandra Park (as well as another woman in Tottenham) has been jailed. What a horrible crime:


While I do still feel that Crouch End is a safe London neighbourhood, there seems to have been a rise in violent crimes in the area the last year or so. We had the man recently jailed for trying to abduct school children in Crouch End earlier this year, the shop owner stabbed a few months ago on the Broadway in a botched robbery, and the high speed chase involving a drug dealer on Park Road in January which ended in a spectacular crash and very easily could have ended in a pedestrian or shopkeeper being killed.     

Personally, I'm furious about all this. I have lived in big cities most of my adult life so I'm quite safety conscious, but I should have the right to walk in a park in my neighbourhood in broad daylight and walk down my local High Street during rush hour morning without being attacked or injured. Violent crimes are rare, but they seem to be on the rise in Crouch End, an expensive area where people pay high rents and mortgages to live in a safe area. I think I've written about this before, but does anyone know what the Met police are doing to try to prevent these types of violent crimes from happening in our area? Have they explained why these types of violent crimes seem to be on the rise?  Anyone have any thoughts about this?  

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Just to add, I realize that there have been budget cuts made to the Met police. However, all London boroughs have faced these cuts and yet it seems only our council has been unable to deal with them. We're talking about particularly heinous shocking crimes  - attempted school girl abductions, violent daytime stranger rape - taking place in the same area in the space of only two months. I don't believe this has happened in any other London borough.  I really hope the police in Haringey  are taking steps to prevent these crimes from escalating because I can't say I'm impressed with them right now.   


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