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Hi there lovely local people, 

Here on Bradley Road we're worried about Haringey's chaotic development plans.

We're really concerned about Caxton Road, Lendlease and so much more.

We're asking the Council to provide written answers to our questions.

Please help us, sign our petition and share it if you share the same concerns


Thanks, Cat

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I regret to tell you, Cat Howarth, that sending a petition to Cllr Alan Strickland is not going to do the trick.

I was a Labour councillor for sixteen years (until May 2014). I've seen Alan Strickland running his scripts. My wife Zena Brabazon and I once listened to him in our Tottenham kitchen talking about the Report by property developer Stuart Lipton after the 2011 Tottenham Riot. The Report which set the framework for the drink-me development poison which Haringey's red rosetted Tory-Policy councillors drank copiously.

Alan Strickland has enormous people skills. He appears to listen warmly and sympathetically to other people. He is not afraid to go into a room with hostile critics and smilingly repeat the same reassuring claptrap about understanding people's concerns and appreciating their position. Then he'll will probably mention the need to take "hard decisions". Adding his belief in all the splendid homes that Lendlease will be building and all the promises that they'll be truly "affordable". No it won't be like Southwark.

He may - like Mrs Thatcher though never of course mentioning the lady - insist there is no alternative. That Haringey's scheme is the best of all possible worlds.

But please look beyond the crocodile smile. In fact the best way to assess Cllr Alan Strickland is with your eyes shut.  Simply listen to his words. What's he actually saying? Is there any real substance? Can he deliver all or indeed any of the promises he makes with such confidence and apparent sincerity?

Or maybe the sincerity is real? Maybe every used car and double glazing sales rep who lived did genuinely and sincerely believe in their products? Let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

Then please look at the reports of the Council's own Scrutiny Panel. They are large and detailed. If you read even a fraction of them you'll almost certainly have read more than most of the Kobots who are selling-off Tottenham and Wood Green to developers.


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