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Helena's blog about a pub crawl prompts a number of thoughts:

1) I was young once and could cope with the morning after, but now middle age has declined into dotage (with just a hint of post-adolescence) I'm ever so sensible, I rarely get to more than one pub in an evening

2) If you are going on a traditional British pub crawl then surely you should drink traditional British beer - not that imported rubbish - see this rant about Ally Pally or quickly get down to The London Craft Beer Festival this weekend

3) To describe any where as a 'Spurs pub' is surely to put far too narrow a scope on it  - I've been to the Henry Reader on a number of occasions - The Frank Sinatra night was a good one, and Eran and Marley were just superb and of course they had the Lions' tour of Australia this summer

4) There is absolutely no reason to be snobbish about Wetherspoon's - the chain was founded in Muswell Hill an area we are almost willing to acknowledge as a neighbour

5) I do plan to go and see a film about a pub crawl, The World's End,  the last of the Cornetto trilogy by Simon Pegg (formerly of Crouch End) and team - it can't be a coincidence that there is World's End pub within crawling distance

6) While pubs are closing in London at the rate of 5 a week (so N8 could lose all of its pubs in a fortnight!) Crouch End and Hornsey has, as far as I know, maintained a very healthy complement. The Dandy Lion by the Ferme Park Roundabout is now the Night Flight but has recently been Bar N8 and BG Max - maybe its fortunes will revive when restrictions on Bulgarian freedom of movement are relaxed.

There is a premises opposite the Hope and Anchor most recently branded the 6 Nations which was once run by Sam Fox as a pub. So we haven't lost many. And of course Antic are planning to open the Earl Haig Memorial Hall as a pub which really bucks the closing down trend.

7) This seems to be a pretty good list of local N8 pubs only slightly out of date. This list of local N8 pubs is struggling to keep up

8) The Three Compasses is a regular contributor to our events pages and has many of the characteristics of an old fashioned local as well as doing decent food and holding the occasional beer festival. It will also be part of the Hornsey Music Festival

9) E&OE 

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Harringay Arms has beers, blues, whisky festival over Bank Holiday weekend: http://www.theharringayarms.com/events-and-music/harringay-arms-inn...

I can't see any movement on the Earl Haig. According to the thread referenced above, it's all been pretty quiet since February. Their Facebook and Twitter pages have been silent since early May. Presumably they couldn't get the licensing sorted?


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