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This sounds pretty good - I thoroughly enjoyed reading these rhymes to my children - why am I excluded now just becasue I'm old?

Puppet show. Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes; Red riding hood

  • Category : Children and young people
  • Event date : Thursday 1 September 2011

A funny re-telling of the classic tale Red Riding Hood

Start and finish time: 11 - 11.20am

For further information contact:

Stroud Green Library 0208 489 8776

  • Venue : Stroud Green Library, Quernmore Road, N4 4QR
  • Price : Free

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Sounds great, I'm going to take the girls.

I'm happy to report you missed NOTHING. It was a three minute show of questionable quality and some wordsearches for the children to do. Given that most of them were pre-school age, it was not the best activity they could have picked.
Damn I so wanted it to be good. Should we ring the number on the ad and offer "constructive feedback", or should I go disguise myself as a grandmother and go round there and eat them all, options which I sometimes find hard to distinguish.
I sort of shrugged and thought "well it's free, why complain" but thinking about it, these things aren't actually free. The council pays someone to do this and when some of them are so very good (the recent Red Riding Hood themed one at the Hornsey Library for instance), it seems a shame that this was such a waste of time.  

Gail's Artisan Bakery are offering free storytelling on Wednesdays 3pm every week until Christmas. Free milk and cookies for youngsters. They are also collaborating with Hornsey Library for some storytelling sessions there later this month...



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