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#PRO-HDV New Labour Councillors: Wards, meetings and selections …

PRO-HDV New Labour Councillors:

Wards and meetings, “triggers” and selections

E. & O.E., of course!

It's believed to be accurate but in any event I warrant that I have not altered the text. N.B. Those Labour Councillors who are opposed to the HDV do not appear on the above list, whether they be reselected or triggered.

The Party of the Council Majority Group select their candidates in order of their least-unsafe Ward, through least-safe, to un-held. Because of our particular Ward and Borough boundaries and our flawed electoral system, those Cllrs. selected last night (2017 November 8)—by a few dozen Party Members in Ward Labour Party meetings—are likely to become Councillors in May.

The defining issue of the Council and of our Haringey time, is of course the HDV. The above table was supplied to me by a member of public with a keen interest in local government, but not from here.

There is obviously some way to go over the course of this month.


UPDATE: E. & O.E. means errors and omission excepted; following a request to correct a mistake, I have now done so. 


Clive Carter

Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat

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I'm not familiar with some of the terminology. Trigger I remember as a fictional character, still using the same broom he always had, apart from its new head and new stick. Is Trigger standing in this election? Will Haringey labour get a new head, and a new stick to beat its councillors with? Does 'triggered' mean these candidates have a gun held to their SRAs?

I'm not familiar with this terminology either Adrian, but your question has prompted me to research

The next major development, in the early 1990s, was the introduction of the “trigger ballot”

Basically, it's a way of attempting to maintain the status quo, for good or for ill.

I HEAR on the grapevine this evening that there have been a number of New Labour candidates who have been “triggered”, including the Chief Architect of the HDV. Cllr. Alan Strickland in Noel Park Ward. Cllr. Strickland—Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and Planning—is the biggest casualty so far of displeasure with the HDV. Eyes will now turn toward the end of the month when Crouch End's Hapless Trio come up for review.

I saw a tweet this morning saying that Cllr Strickland has announced he will not stand for election again in May. Looks like he's jumped before being pushed.

A lot has happened since this last was first posted. Stop HDV is keeping a page updated with all the latest Haringey Lab...  Their running tally of the shift from pro-HDV to anti-HDV currently (22nd November) reads 

Running Total 

So far selected (estimate based on past voting record and statements):

Candidates who support the HDV:  7

Candidates who oppose the HDV:  26

No doubt you're aware that Roger Sahota sent an email round last night confirming he was stepping down.

Thanks for the update. That would be the soon-to-be-ex Cllr Sahota who featured in this discussion

Here's a copy of his email.   I didn't know him but he seemed nice enough when I was part of the fight against London Concrete.  I was very much less impressed with the vanity magazine.

Dear Friends

After three years as your elected councillor, I am sorry to tell you that I will not be standing for election from May 2018 onwards. I have taken this decision for personal reasons and because of a vote taken at a Labour Party meeting last night to trigger a vote on my deselection.

I have no qualms about the result – I lost fair and square. In an ideal world the vote would have been a local primary open to all residents but unfortunately this was not the case. I hope that whoever is chosen to be your councillor in the next election remembers that their role is to act as a representative for all the people in this ward, and not just pursue an ideological agenda advanced by any narrow political sect.

Much was said last night about why I should be deselected because of my stand on the HDV. Before I sign off I ask you to spare a thought for the many thousands of people in temporary accommodation in Haringey and those in substandard, damp and overcrowded accommodation in Tottenham. The HDV offered some realistic prospect for them that they could be rehoused sometime soon in decent accommodation. I wait to see, with little optimism, what solutions the new leadership of the council offers to their problems.

I will continue to serve as your councillor until May 2018. This has been a privilege and I feel very fortunate to have met so many enthusiastic and committed community spirited people in this incredibly colourful and diverse area, which I am lucky enough to call my home.


Thank you. 

To judge from this tweet Cllr Sahota is still at odds with the party

Rogersahota Retweeted OnLondon

Having been reported to Labour HQ for retweeting this “negative” article by I thought I’d retweet it again of speech

Rogersahota added,

Tim Gallagher of Stroud Green has also withdrawn from the race citing those inflamed with division, distrust, real hatred, and a poisonous selection process -

https://twitter.com/gallagher_tim/status/934005363812327424  - not a happy chap.

With a wholesale putsch going on in the ruling party (I still refuse to recognise this as anything to with democracy), and a steady hollowing out of senior Officers (has anyone officially replaced CEO Nick Walkley yet? And just how many positions are currently interim appointments?), I have a sinking feeling about all this.

With organisational memory at zero, and a new crop of ideologically keen councillors, who have yet to encounter the reduced, constrained circumstances of local government, maybe you should be careful about what you wish for.

I'm happy to be reassured, but probably won't be - the issues arising from a one-party state have been a problem too (secrecy, autocratic decision making, etc.), and don't look as if they're going away. A thought experiment for the democrats out there - if you wanted to vote in favour of the HDV in May, who would get your cross?

 if you wanted to vote in favour of the HDV in May, who would get your cross?

Mark, those departing the scene should be congratulating their fellow "comrade" candidates and offering them luck. Instead, their comments are a mixture of bile, blame and bitterness. The approved mantra is "factionalism" except that, within the Labour Party, it is the pro-HDVers who are becoming the faction. Without the Labour Party, there is much further opposition. All LibDem Councillors would oppose the HDV, including me.

Many Councillors worked out some time ago that the risks of proceeding with the HDV (far-) outweighed the risks of not going ahead. Neighbouring Boroughs have gone about regeneration schemes in far less risky ways.

The Council is believed to have produced a Risk Assessment*, but despite requests, has not published it. The cross-party Scrutiny Committee has done it's best (which is pretty good, actually) to consider this aspect with limited internal information but with plenty of external evidence. They called for a halt, but Cabinet ignored their concerns.

I'll do my best to rise to your zany, sporting challenge, mainly because it's less trouble that listing the anti-HDVers!

WARDS: the pro-HDV Councillors and Candidates (2017–November–24  E&O.E.) 

  • Woodside  Cllr. Peter Mitchell
  • Seven Sisters  Cllrs Kober, Basu and Erdal Dogan (who replaced Cllr. Goldberg, who withdrew)
  • Hornsey  Doctor Weston (who attended HDV shadowy Shadow Board meetings as long ago as April and who would sit on the HDV Board. That would meet Quarterly).
  • Northumberland Park  Cllrs. Sheila Peacock and Kaushika Amin are pro-HDV. I'm standing for the Liberal Democrat Party in the May election and aim to dish out to the dotty duo their due desserts. (The third Labour Cllr in NPW is Good John Bevan, who is anti-HDV.)
  • Crouch End  This is not yet decided, yet but all three current Councillors are staunchly pro-HDV. i.e. Cllrs. Jason Arthur, Natan Doron and Sarah Elliot. They have always supported the HDV. I understand they were given an opportunity to recant, but they haven't (see Adrian's link to their statements, where their support for the HDV is the love that dare not speak it's name). In any event, such a late conversion would lack credibility. (It is far from certain that most or all of the HaplessTrio™ will escape the Trigger Vote next Wedneday).

Happy to correct any mistakes

Finally, you really should consider carefully before voting for a pro-HDV candidate, no matter their other attributes. LibDems are united on this. The HDV is so reckless that it threatens our Borough, its finances and hundreds of futures, including homes, communities and businesses. For either two decades, or three decades.

I'll be campaigning on this in Northumberland Park.


* The Council has published an HDV Risk Register, which is not the same as a Risk Assessment

The thought experiment was perhaps not clear enough. My fault. I should have said , "which party would you vote for".

Y'know, as in, "in 2014 which party put the huge HDV policy before the Haringey electorate?"*

and now,

"in 2018 which party will be allowing the Haringey electorate to decide on the immense HDV policy?"*

(*yes, they're trick questions)

#whathappenedtothevoters #hasanyoneinharingeylaboureverheardofamanifesto


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