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#PRO-HDV New Labour Councillors: Wards, meetings and selections …

PRO-HDV New Labour Councillors:

Wards and meetings, “triggers” and selections

E. & O.E., of course!

It's believed to be accurate but in any event I warrant that I have not altered the text. N.B. Those Labour Councillors who are opposed to the HDV do not appear on the above list, whether they be reselected or triggered.

The Party of the Council Majority Group select their candidates in order of their least-unsafe Ward, through least-safe, to un-held. Because of our particular Ward and Borough boundaries and our flawed electoral system, those Cllrs. selected last night (2017 November 8)—by a few dozen Party Members in Ward Labour Party meetings—are likely to become Councillors in May.

The defining issue of the Council and of our Haringey time, is of course the HDV. The above table was supplied to me by a member of public with a keen interest in local government, but not from here.

There is obviously some way to go over the course of this month.


UPDATE: E. & O.E. means errors and omission excepted; following a request to correct a mistake, I have now done so. 


Clive Carter

Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat

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I'm not familiar with some of the terminology. Trigger I remember as a fictional character, still using the same broom he always had, apart from its new head and new stick. Is Trigger standing in this election? Will Haringey labour get a new head, and a new stick to beat its councillors with? Does 'triggered' mean these candidates have a gun held to their SRAs?

I'm not familiar with this terminology either Adrian, but your question has prompted me to research

The next major development, in the early 1990s, was the introduction of the “trigger ballot”

Basically, it's a way of attempting to maintain the status quo, for good or for ill.

I HEAR on the grapevine this evening that there have been a number of New Labour candidates who have been “triggered”, including the Chief Architect of the HDV. Cllr. Alan Strickland in Noel Park Ward. Cllr. Strickland—Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and Planning—is the biggest casualty so far of displeasure with the HDV. Eyes will now turn toward the end of the month when Crouch End's Hapless Trio come up for review.


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