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Priory Road Famine - Jalaliah, Fuji, Queen of Tarts and Reggae to go - all closed

Four closed food shops can just about be made out in this collage - Jalaliah, Fuji, Queen of Tarts and Reggae to go 

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I see that Tailor at the Tannery, the menswear shop on Park a Road, seems to have closed too. Not entirely surprising. The guy who ran it always looked somewhat annoyed when customers came in and it hardly felt comfortable to browse.

I only bought in there once, when the owner persuaded me to buy things I might not actually otherwise have done, but I've felt comfortable wearing them since. If I'd gone back maybe he'd still be open. I don't go in Cult 'cause their window display only has jeans below the jumpers and i don't wear jeans. Pretty soon I'll be complaining there are no men's outfitters in Crouch End.

The newish place on Crouch Hill is very good and has some more classic stuff. Cult is a bit chavvy

Tailor at the Tannery is shut for renovations and will be opening again soon.

The Broadway Ham and High has done some investigative work on this,  apparently a supermarket has its eye on the area

I particularly regret the closing of Queen of Hearts   they are one of the very few bakers who produce excellent cheese croissants (the cheese is mixed with the dough) which will always be my favourite breakfast    it was open when I was in Priory Road last week

Personally I am almost crying over the loss of Fuji Foods. The sushi was second to none, and they were always so lovely in there. What's the alternative? There really isn't one that's even close to measuring up.. :(

I've enjoyed meals in the Ohba Leaf . Their website has the word 'deliveries' on it as though you could buy their sushi to take aay

Tried it. Not a patch on Fuji Foods. Disappointing. :(. This is the problem..

I love Ohba Leaf! My friend recommended it. She got back from Tokyo after living there for 6 months, tried Ohba Leaf's sushi and said it was just like being back in Japan again. We got a takeaway from there and the sushi was so good! Rice is lovely as well, nice and sticky. I love Tootoomoo, but this place is a definite winner. Was never fortunate to visit Fuji Foods before it shut so cant make a comparison.

Might try it again after that recommendation., thank you!
Tried Tootoomoo once. Never again, that was truly disgusting, sorry to say. Bleurgh!

This is Priory Road, not Hornsey High Street! 

Can't say I ever went into Jaliliah in all the 20 years I've lived near here.  Was sad to see Queen of Tarts seemingly closed, but it re-opened last week and I bought one of their wholemeal loaves that are so light that it's hard to slice them - good excuse for doorsteps!


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