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I need help with my printer which isn't working, please   my daughter put in 2 new ribbons and tried with different paper but no luck   I only use it for voluntary activities so am not looking for an expensive shop, rather for a 'jobbing' IT genius.

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Some alternatives to consider:

1) go to the library , log on to one of the communal computers, and use their printers. Last time I went it was 10p a page. That way Haringey worries about the purchase and running costs of the printer.

2) buy a new one - the hp 3636 is £24.99 - use it till it runs out of ink then throw it away. Almost certainly quicker than getting a repair and probably cheaper too.

3) I can recommend the HP Office Jet Pro 6960 - which costs about £100 - it does do printing, but its main benefit is the multi sheet scanner. I am gradually reducing all those bits of paper in my office to pdf. I never look at most of them anyway.

4) Stop printing things - send them a computer file.

5) Think of a friend who has a printer, send her the files and ask very nicely if they could be printed. It probably won't cost you more than a cup of coffee.

thanks, Adrian, I've emailed my 2 in question to Charlotte as they are dates that are not urgent but need to go on my board   I'm not going to buy a new one as I've had this only a short while    there must be a basic reason why the thing won't budge; Charlotte suggested it could be because I use it so seldom or was offering the wrong paper but we did take it from 2 different packs     

yes, thanks, I thought about the library?   do I need to take my computer?

No need to take a computer, log on to one of the communal computers, using your library number and pas sword.

Make sure you files are stored on the internet, somewhere like Google Drive, Onedrive or Dropbox so you cam get to them.


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