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I've just tried Harris and Hoole in Crouch End. It's a significant new temple dedicated to Crouch End's worship of café society, and an excellent spot to keep an eye on the continuing inactivity at the Town Hall, and to check the bus queues.

Good things about it include:

  • the large coffee cups are pretty big
  • the coffee is ok
  • the fruit scone was fruity and pretty good
  • the bacon muffin went down well
  • the comical colour coded egg timers to make sure your tea leaves have been dunked for long enough
  • making tea with tea leaves (this is a biggy in my book)

Less good

  • it's hideously popular - we had to fight for seats amongst the laid back and spread out denizens sprawled about the place
  • it's pretty damn noisy - lots of chattering classes chattering and the cacophony coming through the expensive Bose speakers did nothing for me (except perhaps to make my seat empty a bit quicker)
  • the attention it's getting from the nationals because of the 49% Tesco stake - the Daily Mail and the Guardian have both covered it


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