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For over ten years residents on Landrock Road and Gladwell Road fought off planning applications on a strip of land that runs between Landrock Rd and Cecile Park. We battled it down from a row of seven three-storey houses to two bungalows, but eventually lost the war, as these two bungalows have now been built. They are currently up for sale at truly silly prices:



£1.45m and £1.35m respectively, which to my mind is a baffling fortune to pay for a three bed bungalow squeezed up a back alley. Seeing the houses up for sale is weird, though - the very end of a very long campaign. It did, at least, have the benefit of bringing all the neighbours on Landrock Road together. Our campaigning group has morphed into a street club, and we all get together every two months or so for a huge gossiping session in somebody's house - it's great fun. So I think in the end we've got more out of it that the developers ever will.

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