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I'm starting to sound like my Nan here, but has anyone in the Weston Park/Mayfield/Inderwick area noticed that their post is getting later and later? IF it arrives it's usually after 2pm - not very helpful.


Also, there have been stretches where I haven't received post for days. Not so much as a piece of junkmail. We've also started getting reminders for bills that didn't arrive.

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My post is also really late and we're on Ridge Road. It's usually mid-afternoon although parcels are delivered at about 7am. That said, they NEVER ring the doorbell so I then have to flog down to the post office a day or two later to pick them up.  I also receive post for the same number on Weston Park and Ferme Park Road, which I post through their letterboxes. I often don't receive expected mail so I assume it goes to other addresses.  I regularly complain but it doesn't make a jot of difference.

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@OpinionN8 didn't have that prob. But used to live on inderwick and constantly got mail for the right number but nelson road. Rubbish


I'm on Fairfield Road - post arrives at various times generally midday or later. Except Saturdays when it comes early. Order anything from Amazon and the parcel postie acts as a wake up call (if he rings the bell!)

My three children are supposed to have left home, but most days all the post is for them. My important stuff arrives by email or internet banking/billpaying.

I do think the Royal Mail has got the thin end of the wedge. Private post companies take lorry loads of mail sacks from a company to a depot. Its the poor bloody postman who has to trudge in all weathers actually to push them through letterboxes.


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