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Post and intra Pandemic cycling routes in Crouch End @HaringeyLiving @CllrKirsten

There are moves afoot to spend money on modes of transport that are not cars and trains and buses. Apparently that's an implication of lockdown and the post-lockdown abnormality. Money is being thrown at the problem as though it (money) were going out of fashion. Much of what might ensue will probably be tactical rather than strategic, but the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum has published some  maps which might serve as a basis for some longer term thinking.

The paragraph devoted to cycling suggests possible bike routes. Taking into account the restrictions imposed by the presence of bus stops and narrow roads as far as I can make out the proposal depends largely on wiggling a bit to stay out of traffic's way and taking slightly different routes northward and southward.

Take a look, let them know what you think.

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