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My contact at Haringey's Hornsey Town Hall Interim Uses Group tells me that they are about to issue a press release asking for suggested uses for the Town Hall Square. This is on the back of the relaxation of the constraint on street trading licences. This puts a very much more positive spin on the news about street trading which up till now has seemed a bit mysterious. 

The relaxation runs for just about 6 months, which should get us very close to Christmas. 

There are one or two obvious ideas such as the Farmer's Market, or some other form of trading.

I remember when there was an event set up on the square which called itself "The Crouch End Festival". I was even involved one year with some of the planning - I remember going out to Bounds Green to collect a banner to hang on the railings outside Budgens. Is it possible to set up a "festival" in less than 6 months?

I know Somerset House does a temporary ice rink - could the square accommodate such a thing?

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Here is the official Haringey Press Release

which reads

Help Hornsey Town Hall Square become a vibrant community hub by telling us what kind of activities you would like to see in the location.

A temporary relaxation of licensing rules means the square can now be a trading place and a centre for occasional activities that are independent of the council.

For example, would you want to explore the feasibility of a one-off farmers' or French market, an art fair, wine tasting, an antiques or garden market, holistic and wellbeing services, a book or literary festival, an occasional outdoor ice rink or a vintage market in the area? If so, let the council know.

Cllr Nilgun Canver, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

"Let's make this lovely location the jewel in the crown of Crouch End. As well as the more traditional offerings, we are hoping for some innovative ideas which will celebrate the community, bring a vibrancy to the area and reflect the distinct personality of Crouch End.

"This is an opportunity for all to have their say and help shape the tone of the Town Hall Square area. Please get in touch and give us your views."

The trial period will allow for up to ten events to be held on Town Hall Square up to Christmas.

Successful proposals should:

  • be self financing
  • help establish the Town Hall Square as the heart of Crouch End
  • bring vibrancy and community benefits to the area
  • bring business opportunities that complement those of the current traders
  • fit around existing commitments regarding the use of Hornsey Town Hall
  • be socially responsible, inclusive and within planning and licensing conditions
  • bring a sense of pride to Hornsey and Haringey’s diverse communities.

Send in your ideas by email to hth@haringey.gov.uk, write to Hornsey Town Hall Interim Uses Group, Room 1:15, Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8LE or telephone 020 8489 1794.


A somerset house like ice rink would be amazing... as would a cinema! And yes a farmers market

We had an good meeting with the council this week to discuss potential use for this space during the 6 month trial period. It is worth pointing out that the space that can be used is the grass area only. Still, it's a lovely space.

The council are quite happy for the CEP to collate ideas for use on behalf of residents and local businesses, so anyone with initial thoughts can email us info@thecrouchendproject.co.uk. We are already three weeks into the 6 month trial so the sooner the better with any ideas/proposals!

Helene - Crouch End Project Team

Fearing for the exclusion of the paved area of the square I have had the following correspondence with hth@haringey.gov.uk, which leads me to believe that the paved area is still in play.


Dear HTH

I have been told that your news item http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/news_and_events/latest_news/help_r... relates only to the area of grass, and not to the paved area around the fountain. Is this the case?


Adrian Essex

Dear Mr Essex


This may be the case for some activities but will depend on the proposals submitted.


Thank you


Looks like they may be prepared to relax their proposal for use further than originally discussed with us. I think the main thing is to get proposals into them ASAP as time is now ticking and see what happens from there. This could be a perfect opportunity to showcase what our borough has to offer to a larger audience.

Helene - Crouch End Project

Words fail me!

ONLY the grass area?

One of the basic requirements for markets (farmers' or others) is that they should NEVER be held on grass but on hard paved ground. Fine for one-off summer festivals, but NOT regular markets.

It's one more clue to add to my growing suspicion that either

(a) there was never ever any intention to allow a farmers' market (will we ever find out why?)


(b) the decisionmakers have not been listening to those who know what they are talking about.


If (a), I have been seriously deceived by false promises and have wasted twelve valuable years of my life banging my head against a brick wall.


Have there been any offers to organise the one-off events?





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