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My two small grandchildren are fascinated by my portable typewriters-one Olivetti, one Scheidegger-  both of which need a ribbon and tlc. Does anybody know of someone interested in repairing these useless but loved antiques?   Sally  

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Typewriters are officially not useless, being, as they are, free from the danger of hacking/wi-fi/eavesdropping - unless I've been taken in by a spoof written (on a typewriter) by Isvestia.

There are still those who repair the machines - http://www.thetypewriterman.co.uk/ , George Blackman, and Everest.

Collector's Weekly thinks typewriters are collectable and WikiHow sets out how to buy a typewriter.

I remember invoking the immortality cheat on Manic Miner by typing 'TYPEWRITER' at a certain point in the game  


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