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I didn't like Porky's. I decided not to go back there and now it has closed down in favour of One Bourbon Tavern. Sounds similarly depressingly American. Perhaps I won't like that as well. I can find out out very little about it, being unwilling to sign up to these people's emails.

Perhaps my not going back there will work for Superdrug as well. It did for Clinton's.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer is a song about drinking instead of paying the rent,

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That would be today, now, then

I'm told Florians is reopening tomorrow :))

The shutters are down at One Bourbon and there is a note in the window offering the lease for sale.

Pictorial corroboration. It was just not our sort of thing!

This place was odd from the beginning. The food was pretty bad, the beer was flat and they seemed to make no effort to attract or retain customers. 

It's such an enormous space,whoever moves in really needs a pretty solid business plan in place.


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