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Hello My name is Hannah and I am the creator of Pip.

I created Pip to presence people and young people in particular to ownership, responsibility for self and others empowerment of ownership especially in relation to creating and sharing peace.

We are all sick about hearing of monsters on our doorsteps what are we leaving behind for our children to deal with? It is time for every single person to take responsibility for creating and maintaining peace with simple and powerful communications and art, Pip provides a medium and its totally FREE.

The Pip book is FREE and if you would like to get involved in making Pip please check out Pip at Kickstarter UK.

The book is full of empowering and simple shares such as 'You are a World Leader For Peace and Love'

'This is our World lets Share' 'This is our Planet lets keep it Sweet' 'You are me' 'I love you' 'I am sorry please forgive me' and 'Pip empowering a game of shares for peace'.

If you would like to send a picture or a painting to compliment the shares or if you would like to see the book written in seven languages and sent to seven countries please have a look at Pip today.

With love and gratitude

Hannah Creator of Pip

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