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Hi. I witnessed a phone theft on Park Road Sunday evening around 6pm, roughly opposite the cricket club. 2 men on a scooter were careering down the road, overtook me in a dangerous manner, performed a U-turn, mounted the pavement and grabbed a woman's phone. I gave all my details etc. as a witness. About 30 minutes later I passed them again on central Crouch End. So it looked to me as though they were cruising round doing it again and again without impunity. Be aware.

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Sorry I should say with impunity!
Bizarre. I have just seen the exact same pair speeding through Crouch End past the clock tower heading north up Park Road. Obviously not caught yet. Beware.

Colour of helmets? Type of scooter? Clothes they were wearing? 

That sort of info could be useful. Let us know if you remember. Best JC

2 men one riding pillion. 1 white helmet, 1 black helmet. One of those 2 wheels at the front scooters. Rear number plate hanging off. Driving in a dangerous and erratic manner. Overtook me outside waitrose and went the wrong way past the traffic island to avoid lights. I would estimate at about 40mph. At approx 1510 today. Definitely the same pair who I witnessed snatching a phone on Park Road on Sunday evening.

I was outside Dunn's earlier today (2.45 pm ish) and I think it was the same pair who hurtled past and grabbed a'phone from a bloke standing close to the kerb. They had the cheek to hoot their horn a couple of times as they sped away up Crouch End Hill..

Awful, a pedestrian can easily be injured. I very rarely see police officers walking the beat in Crouch End so I suspect these types of crimes will increase.  Thank you Tories for the budget cuts. 

So it sounds like they are just cruising round Crouch End for days on end without fear of being caught. Amazing.

I've called the CE Safer Neighbourhood Team (020 8649 3515) and left a message on their voice mail. Hopefully will get a reply quickly.


Heard an account of small motorbikes cruising up and down near Stroud Green Library. Pedestrian became suspicious and stared them down, warding off a possible attack.

My neighbour and my lodger have both told of witnessing such an event. It must be very commonplace.

Still no reply from the CE SNT - have left another message. Totally agree with Ella about the public services cuts.

Partly agree with Ella - much of the country's income now goes on debt repayment, debt which accumulated not entirely, indeed not much, under the conservatives. Until some of this debt is repaid government must inevitably be constrained in its spending. If you had a huge credit card bill, with the accompanying large interest payments, you would make an effort to reduce it. Which is what the country is doing. 

But even if there were more police, or ersatz police on the streets, they would be constrained by either

1) being on foot and unable to give pursuit


2) being in a vehicle and prevented by health and safety and fear of litigation from giving pursuit


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